WorldVentures – Is this Biz Op a Scam?


WorldVentures – Is this Biz Op a Scam?


worldventures biz scam


WorldVentures is making waves in the MLM world but is this article I ask – is this Biz Op a scam?




If you’re excited about joining WorldVentures but are confused by some online reviews, probably by disgruntled former representatives about a WorldVentures biz scam, then you really need to read this.



In this article I will analyse WorldVentures as objectively as possible and tell you why it represents such an interesting business opportunity.



What Is the World Ventures Business Opportunity?



WorldVentures is a great way to travel and make money. It is a direct sales company in the travel industry that gives an average person a chance to make an extra income as an Independent representative. You will be selling travel packages as a WorldVentures representative.



So if you’re someone who loves to travel and have always wanted to have your own home based business, then WorldVentures is the answer to your prayers.



You can take advantage of the travelling deals, diner discounts and a whole lot of perks and sell other people the dream of travelling.



The popular WorldVentures packages are Dreamtrips, Dreamtips Life and Luxury Dreamtrips. All of these packages are paid opportunities and you can make money by selling these to other people and by recruiting other people to sell them for you.



WorldVentures Compensation Plan



You can make money from WorldVentures in four ways – from Direct Commissions, Weekly Team Bonuses, Monthly Residual Commissions and Personal Sales Bonuses.




The more people you recruit to the business, more money you will make through commissions and bonuses. As you progress further in the business, you stand to make windfall gains through massive bonuses such as Director Bonus and the DreamCar Bonus.



If you’re a talented network marketer, you really can make a lot of money as a WorldVentures consultant.



The WorldVentures Advantage



The great thing about WorldVentures is that the company targets a small and very specific niche – inveterate global travellers.



This means you don’t have to deal with the sort of competition as with other MLM opportunities such as Herbalife, Amway and May Kay that sell health and wellness products. So, the opportunity to make money is much better with WorldVentures.



Why are there rumors of a WorldVentures Biz Scam?



Here’s the thing about any MLM business – if you’re involved in it, you’ll defend it.



If you were involved in it in the past as marketer and left because of your lack of success, then naturally you will make all sorts of claims about the business, such as it’s a pyramid scheme and that nobody ever made any money from it except those at the top.




So, that’s the reason we have rumors spread about a WorldVentures biz scam by disgruntled former representatives.




WorldVentures is a very decent company. The compensation plan and bonuses offered by them as at par with those offered by the most successful network marketing companies.



The problem is it may not be easy to sell WorldVentures packages when there is an economic downturn around the world as in such times travelling is literally the last thing on most people’s mind.



The only way you’re going to make money from WorldVentures is not by selling the travel packages, but by recruiting other people to sell them. You need to have a great talent for marketing an opportunity, recruit people into your team and inspiring them to do their best for the company.



It’s a talent that only the best network marketers have and those are the people who make all the money. The question is – do you have it in you?



Only you’ll know the answer to that. But to conclude, WorldVentures is a decent MLM opportunity and if you’re ambitious and committed to the cause, you will do well at it.






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