Why Your Thank You Page Sucks

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Why Your Thank You Page Sucks



You first saw her in Starbucks, she was fiddling with the sugar, brow furrowed in concentration, long dark wavy hair down past her shoulders, wearing a short print dress and a look of kindness mixed with vulnerability which made you melt. This is exactly your type of girl.



You march up to her with uncharacteristic bravery, tightly clutching your Cappuchino and ask her out – she says yes!



The night arrives, you pick her up outside her apartment, take her to one of the finest restaurants in town. The conversation flows, the age old icebreakers are dispensed with; favourite bands, movies and books are traded, favourite scenes and chapters discussed and in the middle of your dessert you almost reel from the striking revelation that this girl is into you



After dinner you go dancing; she actually seems to dig your ‘Saturday Night Fever’ moves and your two left feet. You both consume large quantities of alcohol then take a cab back to your place



At your front door, she stands, pupils dilated standing so close you can almost feel the warmth of her breath on your face. Nervous yet clearly excited, she breathes deeply, making the swell of her cleavage rise as a warm rosy glow spreads from her breasts up towards her throat and she stares deeply into your eyes before closing hers, leaning towards you with her mouth slightly parted, waiting and expectant.



You grasp her hand firmly and give it a brisk shake and say



‘Thank you very much for agreeing to go on a date with me.


I want you to know that I very much appreciate you agreeing to meet up with me today in a social capacity


Please check your email as I will be in communication soon regarding organising our next interaction’



You then turn around and disappear into your house, closing the door in her face



This is your Thank You page



And it sucks



The thing is, in the time between first contact and finally getting into bed with your customer there are so many things that can stop you consummating your sale.



You might find that they are already in a relationship or too damaged by their last one to be ready to commit. They might be about to go on a trip around the world, have only just come out of therapy or they might just not like the look of you



Even if they are willing to have a quick look at what you have to offer, they might decide that you have nothing in common, they don’t like your copy or maybe they are just comparing you to a bunch of other suitors and decide that you just don’t make the grade



If you think about it, there are a hundred different reasons why you shouldn’t get lucky. Yes you can try improve your chances with a bit of grooming and maybe even some surgery if needed but at the end of the day it is all a numbers game



Which again leads to me ask



Why oh why do you put in all of the work in getting your dream customer to the threshold of your business only to piss them off when they get there?



“Would you like fries with that?’’



The best time to sell to your customers is when they have already bought you; if you have ever gone to a fast food joint and ordered the burger you know that the question “Would you like fries with that?’’ is hugely powerful



It only works when they are at the counter



Your new opt in has bought into you, at least in principle. This is the time to ask for the sale, not later but now.



This is the time to get your business laid!



Here are some ideas of what you can be doing when people opt in instead of what is on your current crappy thank you page




Ask them to like you on Facebook

Ask them to register for your next webinar

Ask them to buy something from you!

Ask them to fill out a survey

Ask them to share your stuff with their friends



Why would you want to do this?



Because people on your thank you page are more likely to complete these actions than anywhere else including on the email you sent them previously; they are at the counter of your business or to go back to the start of this article they are standing on your doorway having being wined and dined and NOW is the time to ask them inside for a cup of coffee – there is no better opportunity for you to have your way with them!



Ways to improve your Thank You Page



You need to find a Thank You Page generator that is going to help you increase your sales, the one I use can be found here


Check out my friend Clay Collins as he explains exactly how to put together Thank You pages that will massively help you grow your business



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  1. Brilliant comparison! This is a critical area of the overall process so many people overlook. Including me, thanks for calling attention to it!

  2. Great post, Davin! That’s a great way to get the point across! I will take notes on this myself.

  3. Thank you, I needed that. This is certainly a peculiar situation, I will take you advice and shape up.

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