Why Aren’t More People Using Google + ?

With Twitter becoming background noise, Facebook deciding that it is better to make money than to be cool and most other social network sites now mostly populated by 12 year olds why aren’t more people using Google + ?


Let me break it down for you nice. and. easy.


If you care about where your content ranks (and you probably do) and if search is dominated by Google (which it is) then which of the Social Network sites do you think it would be a good idea to start using? Let me give you a clue – it ends with + and has the most biggest internet companies in general and the most dominant in search in particular in the title


And guess what using Google + will do for your ranking? Surprise surprise, like the only child of a Third World leader, when it comes to power and influence it doesn’t matter a dime if there are others who are better looking or smarter out there – your Google + 1’s will count for more than anyone else’s likes or followers and that’s just the way it is – deal with it




So the next time you are thinking about which social media site to hang out with, think about using the one with the biggest and most influential Daddy