What McDonalds Can Teach You About Online Work From Home Jobs

online work home jobs

What McDonalds Can Teach You About Online Work From Home Jobs



McDonalds are massive; serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets those golden arches are adored by both adults and children, as well as being a symbol for all that is wrong with our diet for others



Whether you are lovin’ it or not, if I were to ask you what you thought the main business of McDonalds is you would say burgers right?



You would be dead wrong!



The main business of McDonalds is real estate NOT burgers


online work home jobs



The main focus of McDonalds as an organisation is to purchase prime real estate – this is the foundation of their efforts and how the business gains value – the day to day running of the stores are then franchised out for an average  upfront cost of $200,000 to $500,000



McDonalds restaurants can be found in some of the best retail locations around the world. Find yourself in a shopping mall, Main street or driving along a busy highway and the likelihood is that you will see those gleaming Golden Arches. It is this combination of a great offer combined with a fantastic location that keeps the burgers flipping and the dollars rolling in.



So what can McDonalds teach us about setting up an online home business?


online work home jobs

Online Work From Home Jobs Don’t Need To Be Scary!



When working from home online you need first of all to have a great offer and it is much easier if you can franchise yourself out to an existing tried and tested offer that has already been shown to succeed 



All you need to do is then place your offer where there is going to be a lot of potential customers or using the highway analogy, where there is going to be a lot of traffic 



What you also need is training and knowledge because if you are going to start to create a profitable business online then you need to know how to get started and get results.



This is why we have set up our own work from home online franchise in which the offer is already there – all you need to do is to plug into the automated system, follow the training and get results 



And unlike setting up a McDonalds franchise it will not cost you $500,000 upfront or involve



  • paying rent on the premises, based on sales and profitability (usually ranging from 10% to 18%)
  • a service Fee for the use of the McDonald’s system – 5% of sales
  • contributing to the national marketing spend, currently 4.5%
  • responsibility for staff and wages
  • dealing with customers – especially unhappy ones
  • sorting out payroll and complicated tax issues
  • ensuring you toe the corporate line
  • working crazily long hours to sort out a complicated business




Instead the cost will be


online work home jobs



 The cost of a Big Mac Meal



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