What is the WorldVentures BMW Scam?

What is the WorldVentures BMW Scam?


worldventures bmw scam


If you check out WorldVentures you will possibly see pictures of smiling people, proudly displaying their new BMW. In this article I look at what is happening and ask if this is legit or a scam




WorldVentures DreamTrips is an exclusive members-only travel club that caters to people who travel a lot and expect to travel in style. WorldVentures offers exclusive travel packages that are mean for those who wish to make a statement with high-end travel. There is a big market for high-end travel out there and one way to tap that is to become an associate at WorldVentures.



The WorldVentures Business Opportunity



There are 3 levels of membership at WorldVentures DreamTrips:


Membership: This gives you access to travel deals and allows you to build points in the loyalty program. You will have to pay a monthly fee to join. But if you get four people to join the opportunity for a month, your membership fee is waived for that month.


Gold Level Membership: This upgrade costs a $199.99 initial fee plus a $57.99 monthly fee. It offers access to travel packages such as “Voluntours” and travel extras like airport transfers, flight accident insurance, as well as discounts on airfare.


Platinum Level Membership: Costs $299.99 initial fee plus a $99.99 monthly fee. It offers benefits such as Platinum-only travel, airport transfer, travel extras such as late checkout, spa discounts, resort credits and more.



The WorldVentures Compensation Plan

There are several different ways to earn money as a WorldVentures associate.


Direct commissions: Get a commission on each travel package that you sell.


Personal Sales Bonus: Get a $100 bonus if you enroll 3 new customers in a 28-day period. Get $300 if you enroll 5 new customers and your team sells travel packages of $2999 in a month.


Get a $100 weekly sales bonus as well depending on the performance of your team.


Monthly residual commissions: Earn money as your team earns money – pretty much a standard MLM compensation plan.


There are also a plenty of bonuses to be made as a WorldVentures associate, such as the WorldVentures BMW “Wings & Wheels” promotion, which I will discuss next



The WorldVentures “Wings & Wheels” promotion

Basically, WorldVentures helps to finance the purchase of a Silver BMW by their associates, if they are successful enough.



Associates have to qualify for “Wings” by enrolling 4 paying members each month into the WorldVentures compensation plan and maintaining at least 20 active members in their downline. Also, to qualify for the “Silver Bullet” the associates and their teams are required to generate $5000 in sales volume each month.



Then, the associate would be put into a 60-day test drive period and two checks of $300 will be given for the purchase of a Silver BMW. On buying the Silver BMW, associates are to send a photograph of themselves with it along with the Wings & Wheels branding.



If they are able to maintain $5000 in product sales each month, they will then be sent $600 per month by WorldVentures to finance the purchase of the BMW.





What is the WorldVentures BMW Scam?




Well there isn’t really a WorldVentures BMW scam! As explained above, WorldVentures finances the purchase of a BMW through the “Wings & Wheels” promotion. There are many people around the world who have benefited from this opportunity, so it’s definitely not a scam.



Sure there may be people out who worked as reps for WorldVentures and who have never received a BMW but the likelihood is that they never put in the work to get the reward rather than the opportunity being fake




Can You Make Money with WorldVentures?



Absolutely! You can make money from WorldVentures DreamTrips through direct commissions, bonuses, and residual commissions and you can buy a BMW too! But to get there, you must have a marketing plan in place. Without a strategic marketing plan, you will get nowhere in any MLM business.



It’s all about how good you are at convincing people about the benefits of the travel membership and why it is worth their money. You also need to be able to get leads and prospects and be able to pursuade people to buy your product and guess what – not everybody is willing to put in the work to do this so they fail



There is a big market for luxury travel and if this is the area that you want to concentrate on then you should do your best to tap into that and WorldVentures is definitely one of the companies to consider

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