What Is Bum Marketing?

There are various ways of earning money online. The problem is that not everybody has the technical understanding of HTML, coding, how to put together websites and all of the other computer skills that are necessary to make money online

So what is bum marketing? In a bid to answer this question, we will look at the literal definition, some of the principles and also the benefits of bum marketing.


What is Bum Marketing?


In simple terms, Bum Marketing is a phrase used to refer to the means of how people get free internet traffic to their websites or affiliate links. Unlike other ways of getting traffic, bum marketing is low cost. In the mid 2005, bum marketing was a main source of traffic to internet users. The trend has, however, changed and now people use other means such as SEO to advertise their websites.


Does Bum Marketing Work?


The introduction and adoption of other means of marketing does not mean that bum marketing has gone extinct. There are people who are using bum marketing to improve their website’s traffic. So bum marketing is still there and working pretty well for people who do not have money to invest in other marketing.

All you need to start you bum marketing is a computer and internet connection. You do not need technical skills to start your bum marketing campaign.


What is the best known method of Bum Marketing?


The best known method for bum marketing is known as the Travis bum marketing method. This is a method that was introduced by Travis Sago. Many people have benefited from Travis bum marketing. He shared his techniques of bum marketing to people all over the world.

What Travis did was to summarize all the ideas of bum marketing and make it into one single idea that can help you to generate money from internet without having to use money to market your website. He is an experienced online marketer who felt the need to return to the society by giving out his methods for free although it is generally understood that his ideas are now somewhat out of date


How does Bum Marketing Work?


Many people have used bum marketing and got high returns for using this method of marketing. So how does it work? We will look at the steps that one should use in creating a good bum marketing campaign.


Find a Suitable Niche


The first step is to identify a suitable niche for you. The niche should be untapped for it to be marketable. Just get a niche that you know will capture your target market.


Find an Affiliate Program


In order for you to make money, you will need to have an affiliate marketing program. You can choose one or two affiliates program. While choosing an affiliate program, try and capture the ones which will guarantee you of high returns i.e. products that will sell more.


Research and Find Low Competition Keywords


In writing your content, you will need to research and find low competition keywords related to your content. The keywords should be used once or twice in every hundred words. The keywords will improve your visibility on the internet.


Write a series of Articles


The next step is to write your articles. The articles should be SEO friendly. This is to mean that the low competition keywords you researched should be used here. The keyword density should not be exaggerated. Articles written should be captivating and show mastery of the niche.


Submit your Articles


After writing quality articles, it is time that you submit them. You should submit them to the popular articles directories. Some of the leading articles directories include GoArticles and ArticlesBase. Do not forget to include links to your website. If this is well done, then be sure that traffic will start coming your way.

When people click to your links, they will be directed to your website. This will increase traffic into your website and probable earn money through signups of the affiliate programs.


Benefits of Bum Marketing


Those who never knew what bum marketing is have an idea of what it is now. What are the benefits that a person may get from bum marketing? Here below are some of the benefits a user will get from using bum marketing.


No computer Skills required


You do not need to have technical computer skills to start earning money through bum marketing. The basic knowledge of computer and internet use is what is required for a person to start earning through bum marketing.


You can start Any Time


There is no specific time for launching a bum marketing campaign. You can start and stop at any time. The good thing is that even when you stop, you will still earn money from your affiliate programs.


Can I Make Money With Bum Marketing?


Most Bum Marketing Methods do not make money, not because the methods employed are necessarily flawed but because the product that is being offered either will not sell or it sells for such a low cost that the commissions made hardly make the work involved worth while




For details of the ultimate Bum Marketing system which combines a potential for high returns with a low initial start up cost watch the video below