What All Internet Marketers Can Learn From StampyLongNose

Who? I found out about Stampy Longnose from my 9 year old son, Oliver. Oliver is completely and absolutely obsessed with Minecraft. Not only does he play it himself and with himself but he also watches videos of other people playing Minecraft which is serious dedication if you ask me


Anyways, I saw Oliver watching one of his videos and thought I would check it out. What I saw was a guy (way older than his audience) having the time of his life playing around with MineCraft, showing his audience how to craft new buildings, find new artifacts and generally informing AND entertaining his audience whilst sharing with them something that he loves and is passionate about


Think this guy is lame? As I write this he currently has 3,820,560 to his You Tube channel


Still think he is lame?


Just goes to show – the secret to marketing is


Do what you love


Share it with others


Add value to those who share your passion


Rinse and repeat


Check out this video where Stampy explains what took him to his first million subscribers