Want Real Results In Your Marketing? Dance Like A Weiner!

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Want Real Results In Your Marketing? Dance Like A Weiner!




I was doing some research into a blog post I was doing on the micro job site Fiverr when I came across this crazy dude



I’ve been a big fan of outsourcing ever since I got online; the principle is pretty easy to understand – you get to decide your own value when you start a business online. It’s not like having a job, nobody tells you ‘this is what you will be paid per hour’ – it’s for you to decide



So – is your value more than $5 an hour? Mine sure as hell is which is why, whenever I can, I outsource stuff out to those guys. I quite often do it with blog posts. Not the whole thing; I just get the guys to write about an a subject and then I will amend it for my own tastes. Sometimes I hardly make any changes, sometimes I do almost a complete re-write but it is very rare that the $5 is not well spent



I have a couple of guys that I use for my articles who I know will do a good job. One of them (let’s call him John) will write two 500 word articles for $5.



Now seriously, think about that for a minute – he has to do research on the article then he has to write the damn things and it has to take more than an hour? Let’s say he is a ninja writer or uses Dragon Speech there ‘s still no way that he can do it in less than an hour.



Now John is a smart guy, intelligent and educated but his online value is $3.92 per hour once you take off the Fiverr and Paypal fees.



Which brings me back to the dancing Weiner Guy





How much research does this guy need to do?






How long does it take him to finish his gig?



For the gig below, 3 minutes 42 seconds



Who’ s smarter, John or Weiner Guy????





This is why, when I was choosing a business to promote online I chose one that would give me commissions of $2000 rather than small change – because I am worth more, my time is more valuable, spending time with my children  and girlfriend is worth more than that



It’s why you should click on the link below to find out more because there is a difference between being clever and being smart and when push comes to shove you need to be smart – even if it means dancing like a Weiner