Truly I am Now An Internet Marketer

Internet marketer

I look, smell and possibly feel like a Tramp



I’ve been on the computer for about 20 hours straight and frankly I look like crap. I have not had a bath for a few days now, I have stubble but not in a good way, my breath stinks and there are what I think are lumps of regurgitated food all down my t-shirt and shorts although frankly I hope that is what it is as that is the best case scenario – the room smells like a care home


The thing is, it was not always this way. Not too long ago I was wearing a suit – a nice one made to measure with double cuffs and I was in an office doing sensible things with other people’s money. My idea of letting myself go was to not wear a tie


But now I am an internet marketer tapping away in a room that looks as if it could belong to Howard Hughes after he went crazy, decided to fire the maid and never leave his room again


Now I have to come clean (no really I’ve got to!) and confess that most of the bodily fluids and the mess are down to Grace and Jack, my two year old daughter and 7 month old son who are currently in the same room with me and whom myself and my beautiful partner Kathryn are attempting to keep happy whilst building what is still for the moment our second business online. This of course means that our life is currently complete chaos  but then the whole reason for doing this is so that we can be with the kids whilst working and eventually spend a lot more time with them rather than having to go off into the city and join the rest of the drones


Let me tell you, there is nothing worse then having to spend your time leaving your family to do the commute and then spend the whole of your day away from your kids whilst you deal with other people’s problems. I would much rather be at home (or wherever we decide to go as long as it has internet connection) and run my own business in the company of those I love – even if I do smell of pee