Traffic Authority Product Review

Traffic Authority Product Review


Traffic Authority Product Review


Traffic Authority Is Now Live! In This Article I Review The Traffic Authority Products And Compensation Plan




Traffic Authority is now launched but how much of the buzz is based on fact and how much is based on hype?



Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the Traffic Authority products 

The Traffic Optimizer $27 per month $20 per month commission



The Traffic Authority Traffic Optimizer has at its heart the ability to track your links and see exactly where your links are being clicked and by who




Check out the video below to see an example of using the Traffic Optimizer to track links posted into Facebook Groups



In this video I demonstrate how to use Traffic Optimizer to track pins in Pinterest

Other features of the Traffic Optimizer



Split Tester/Rotator



The split tester/rotator allows you to split test different capture pages or websites that you have in order to discover which are giving you the best conversions 



Add multiple variations of landing pages to your link then the rotator will send your traffic to the different versions, allowing you to discover which variation is the most effective 



Exit Pop Ups



Create an exit pop up when visitor’s attempt to exit your link, basically giving you a second bite of the cherry. Pop ups have been shown to dramatically increase sales and conversions so this feature is incredibly valuable



Count Down Timer



Introducing the idea of scarcity is a key strategy for increasing conversions. This option allows you to add a simple countdown timer to your link  



Site Monitor



This feature monitors your website or capture pages and informs you by email or text if any of them are down 



Capture Page Builder



Details yet to be released by Traffic Authority but you would assume that this option will provide your links with a capture page facility



The Traffic Academy $97 per month $50 per month commission



This is a comprehensive training program where 6 and 7 figure earners teach you the secrets to their success



Online marketing courses can cost as much as $1000 a day and oftentimes the trainers are not actually themselves successful marketers.



With the Traffic Academy you will learn from the people actually working at the coal face and are being successful plus you can earn residual commissions from reselling the course to others 


The Online Traffic Store


Internet Marketing fact #1  There is no such thing as free traffic


If you are spending 10 hours a day posting to facebook groups, following people on Twitter or puttings ads on Craigslist, it may not be costing you money but it is sure costing you time and time is money


The fastest and most efficient way to kickstart your online business is to buy traffic


Internet Marketing fact #2  A lot of paid traffic out there is garbage


There is no point buying traffic if it is low quality. A lot of traffic out there is garbage, either people who have never bought an online product and never will, people who simply are not interested in your offer and sometimes not even human 



To get results you don’t just want to get eyeballs to your page – you want to get the right kind of eyeballs



The Traffic Authority Traffic Store provides high quality traffic direct to your website or landing page together with the ability to become a licensed reseller of this traffic to others 



Here is a breakdown of the various traffic packages, the clicks available and the commission payable 



Basic Package        170-190 clicks        $220 cost  $100 commission

Bronze Package     340-380 clicks       $440 cost  $200 commission

Silver Package       510-570 clicks        $660 cost   $300 commission

Gold Package         850-950 clicks       $1097 cost $500 commission

Platinum Package 1700-1900 clicks   $2197 cost $1000 commission

Titanium Package 3400-3800 clicks  $4297 cost $2000 commission 

Diamond Package 8100-8400 clicks  $8397 cost $4000 commission



 Pass ups policy



Nothing is more demoralizing than finally making your first sale only for it then to pass up to your sponsor.


In Traffic Authority there are no pass ups; instead the first 6 sales will be split 50% 50% with your sponsor with all future sales split 80& 20% in your favor






The easiest way to get qualified for the products is to purchase them yourself



There is also a $20 per month affiliate fee required to qualify for all sales



If you do not buy the products yourself then you will need to make 3 sales before you can qualify to become a reseller of the Traffic Authority products






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  1. I am paid member of TA, and I have sold their traffic as retail to people who are not interested in the opportunity. And their traffic is pretty good. I had lots of leads and even sales from their traffic. Definitely not a scam. Check my review:

  2. Hi,

    This looks just like what I need to get out of the financial hole.

    My Wife & I are retired and live on social security—-mostly we run out of money before we run out of month. I do also get less than $300.00 Canadien a month ($229 USD), which is what I will be using for this—so you can see I am very limited in how I can put this to use. I am already signed up for a real estate program that takes $69 of this per month. I need your help in how I can make this work 🙂

    I just got started with Kyani, a nutritional product that makes a real difference. Been in about one month. So new I don’t even know what the website is that I need to use this program for.

    See—I am confused, do I use this program to advertise my product (Kyani) or am I advertising Traffic Authority?

    Just a note: I use a Canadien e-mail address (good story there), however I live in Texas.

    Thanks for your help in this,

    Denny 🙂

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