The Trick To Creating A Facebook Landing Page In Minutes

The Trick To Creating A Facebook Landing Page In Minutes



Facebook is an amazing place for your landing pages; in this article I will show you the trick to creating a Facebook landing page in minutes






First off,  I want to talk for a second about why you should be posting your landing pages to Facebook.



There’s really three main reasons for this.



1 Get a higher opt-in rate



The first main reason is that depending on your traffic source, you can, in many cases, get a higher opt-in rate to the exact same page when it’s placed inside of Facebook, compared to when it is outside of Facebook



Compared to cold traffic who aren’t used to your website or your brand and may never worked with you before, people are going to feel a lot more comfortable with your page when it’s on Facebook.



Facebook is an environment that most people know, like and trust and when your page is in a comfortable context that people are used to being in, and where they feel comfortable, they’re going to be much more likely to opt-in.



Now obviously, this is going to vary from market to market, and you should test this, but I’ve seen a lot of people take landing pages that they used to post on their website and post them on Facebook instead precisely because they’re getting ahigher opt-in rate when that page is located on Facebook.



2 Cheaper clicks for your paid traffic



The second reason is that if you’re buying ads, specifically if you’re buying Facebook ads, you can get cheaper ads and cheaper clicks on Facebook when you’re posting your page within the Facebook eco-system.


What I mean is that when you buy an ad on Facebook, you can have that ad linked to your own domain or you can have that Facebook ad linked to a landing page located within your own Facebook page.


And when Facebook is sending its ad traffic to its own website, and it stays within its eco- system, they typically charge less, and in many cases, you get a higher approval rate which brings me to point number three



3 Higher approval rate



What I mean by this is that Facebook’s kind of a pain in the butt when it comes to approving ads. They don’t like diet stuff. They often don’t like business coaching related ads.



Anything related to health, wealth or relationships they can often be very difficult about. However, in my experience, Facebook is much more likely to approve your ad when the ad link points to a Facebook URL as opposed to a URL on your domain, which Facebook may or may not trust.



So those are three of many good reasons to be posting to your landing pages to Facebook.


The trick to creating a Facebook landing page in minutes



The simplest way to creating a Facebook landing page is to use Leadpages. So if you want to use LeadPages to publish your landing page to Facebook, all you have to do is create a landing page in LeadPages.



creating facebook landing page



This takes 30 seconds to about 2 minutes, then you let LeadPages handle the integration with MailChimp or Infusionsoft or AWeber or Office AutoPilot or whatever you’re using, then you publish your page to Facebook with a click. That’s all it takes.



Check out this insane video which shows you how to publish a landing page to Facebook in 4 clicks


To check out LeadPages click here