The Death Of Tweet Adder?

death Tweet Adder

The Death Of Tweet Adder?



It looks as if Tweet Adder, the Twitter automation service has been banned and taken down by Twitter



On 14th May Tweet Adder announced




‘We are currently experiencing an issue with the Twitter API causing issues with TweetAdder. Waiting to hear back from Twitter.’



On sites such as Warrior Forum the general consensus seems to be that Twitter have finally decided that Tweet Adder can no longer be tolerated and has been banned



In 2013 Twitter reached a settlement with Tweet Adder over a lawsuit over spamming tactics and described them at the time as one of  ‘the most aggressive tool providers and spammers’



It would appear, however, that Twitter has finally had enough and proves that, when it comes to building your Twitter following, there is no substitution for manually building your following



The most recent announcement from Tweet Adder stated



Twitter has removed our API access. We did everything we felt was requested of us, and still got banned. We are still awaiting a re-review.




If you have any questions regarding your Tweet Adder account then you should contact them here