The Best 10 Websites To Make Money From Surveys




There are various ways of making money online. Taking part in a survey is one of the easiest ways of getting money online. The only problem is that some websites offer surveys but do not actually pay people after the surveys are done. Others set a minimum withdrawal amount to be high that it gets hard for people to reach such amounts in good time. These are some of the challenges that people get from online surveys.

The challenges are there mainly because the websites offering surveys are not really interested in the surveys but rather are more interested in getting traffic to their sites. This makes it hard for people to believe in online surveys. However, there are some websites that have restored the reputation of online surveys by giving out good money. Therefore, you have to be very careful and only use the best websites make money surveys.


In order to help people who want to earn money from legitimate  websites for surveys, here are the top 10 websites to make money from surveys.


The best 10 websites to make money from surveys


1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best sites make money from surveys. What they offer is by far more than what is expected from a normal survey. They pay per swag buck, the typical time for a survey takes between 10-15 minutes. In just a matter of a few minutes, you can earn up to 70 swag bucks, which is equivalent to $5. They pay through PayPal, for those who want cash, or Amazon vouchers to shop in Amazon.


2. Crowdology

This is considered to be yet another website that helps people to earn money through online surveys. They offer an approximated figure of about $3 per survey. The typical time that each survey takes range between 10-20 minutes. You can withdraw your amount if you have more than $7. This makes it better in that you can easily withdraw your cash. The cash is sent to your PayPal account from where you transfer to your bank.


3. MySurvey

This website has one of the lowest payout thresholds. You can withdraw your money if your points are enough to get you $5. They pay in terms of points. A single survey earns you 100 points. 345 points is equivalent to $5. The survey takes between 20-30 minutes. Payment is done through PayPal and Amazon vouchers.


4. Pinecone Research

This is perhaps one of the most talked of sites that offer the best ways make money via surveys. Once you get an invite to participate in Pinecone research survey, you will earn $5 after completing your survey. The minimum threshold that is needed for you to withdraw is $5. This is to mean that you can withdraw your money after every survey you participate in. The survey takes around 20 minutes and from there you can withdraw your money from your PayPal account.


5. Toluna

Another best website to make money from surveys is toluna. Here you are rewarded in terms of points which can be accumulated to help you in earning money. A survey has 3,000-5,000 points which is typically around $5. The minimum payout threshold is 30,000 points. A normal survey takes around 20 minutes to be complete. You will be paid in terms of vouchers to be used in shopping.


6. YouGov

This is one of the best sites to make money from surveys. This site is loved and hated in equal measure. They pay around 78 cents per survey and have set a minimum payout of around $78. Given the fact that the availability of the surveys or not as frequent as others, it may take some time for you to get to $78. The good thing is that the website is honest and pays people who have reached their minimum target.


7. Vivatic

This is yet another interesting website that offers online surveys. They pay around $1.55 per survey attended. It is a bit low but there is certainty of getting the money. The minimum threshold that has been put in place is around $30. Once you have hit the minimum, you can withdraw your money and get it in cash, not vouchers.


8. Valued Opinions

Depending on the length and technicality of the survey, Valued Opinions pay anything ranging from $1.75- $7.50. The survey time ranges from 10-30 minutes. At a minimum of $1.75,  you can use your money for shopping at various recognized sites.


9. Panel Opinion

Panel opinion is one of the best websites from which you can make real money from surveys. They pay a minimum of $3 per survey but there are instances where a survey may even earn you $7.50 and surveys takes only 10 minutes. You need to have a minimum balance of $17.50 before you can withdraw. The money can be withdrawn through bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. This is one of the few survey websites that actually pay through bank transfer.


10. Ipsos

Ipsos is one of the best websites offering paid surveys online. They pay up to $17.50 worth of shopping vouchers for use in Amazon and other recognized online markets. The survey time is usually around 10 minutes.


So, I hope you enjoyed reading  my 10 best websites to make money from surveys. The question is, are surveys really worth your time and effort? Personally I believe that the whole point of working online is to make life changing amounts of money and not to end up on a minimum wage .


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