Team Beachbody – Is It A Scam?

Team Beachbody – Is It A Scam?


team beachbody scam

You’re considering joining Team Beachbody but you have read some bad reviews that suggest it is a rip-off. So, is Team Beachbody a scam?


No, there is NO Team BeachBody Scam. Team BeachBody is a perfectly legit and very interesting MLM company that specializes in health and fitness products.



It was launched in 2007 by fitness expert Carl Daikeler and his business partner Jon Congdon.


Daikeler’s BeachBody DVDs were always popular and inspired millions of men and women around the world to shed fat and become leaner, fitter and stronger.



Team Beachbody is Daikeler’s first foray into network marketing and it has been a very successful one so far.



Team BeachBody use a plenty of traditional advertising to support their reps – who are referred to as “coaches”.



The difference between Team BeachBody and other MLM businesses is that BeachBody supports its marketers very actively, placing customers and distributors in their downline as they reach certain ranks in the company.



Team Beachbody Products



BeachBody has an excellent range of fitness products that include physical products and workout products.



The most popular BeachBody workout products are P90x and Insanity, which have succeeded beyond anybody’s imagination.



The physical products sold by BeachBody include Shakeology, which is a great meal replacement. The only issue with Shakeology is that it is very costly, and not everyone can afford it. Otherwise there is no doubting its quality.


Other popular BeachBody physical products are workout supplements such as Slim Fast, Ensure and GNC Total Lean.



The Business Opportunity



To get started as a coach on Team BeachBody, you will have to buy products worth $39.95 that come with a 30-day money back guarantee.



This is by far the lowest start-up cost available on any reputed MLM business.



At a majority of other MLM opportunities, you will be required to shell out anywhere from $200 to $1000.



Also, there is no rule on BeachBody that you have to purchase a certain number of products – you can buy only as much as you need or that you are confident of selling off.



The Compensation Plan



Just like any other network marketing business, Team BeachBody pays you a commission every time you refer people to the business.



You get paid in two ways – by earning commissions on sales of retail products, either by yourself or by members in your downline and by sponsoring coaches to join the program.



The different ranks of Team BeachBody coaches are – Coach – which is pretty basic and refers to anyone with a BeachBody account; Emerald Coach; Ruby Coach and Diamond Coach, with Diamond Coach being the highest level anyone can reach in the business.



Coaches earn matching bonuses based on their levels. For example, Ruby Coaches earn a matching bonus of 5% and Diamond Coaches get a matching bonus of 10%.


Can You Make Money with Team BeachBody?



Yes, you can. As I have already explained, you can make money as a “coach” on Team BeachBody. But here’s the great part – not only will you make money, you’ll get fitter and healthier as well, as you try out the BeachBody workouts yourself.



Let’s face it, you won’t be able to sell many BeachBody products if you’re overweight yourself – but if you have a personal story about how BeachBody helped to transform you from an overweight person to a much leaner, fitter and healthier one, and you can prove it, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make selling BeachBody products.



The key in network marketing is to tell a story, if you have a compelling story to tell, you will do very well indeed.