Supersize me!


Supersize me!

T. Harv Eker has taught me something wonderful.


But he has also taught me that the magnitude of those problems is directly proportional to the size of me!

Let me explain…. If a problem is a size 2 on the Richter scale of problems and I am finding it upsetting or difficult, it is because I have only grown to a 2 within myself in terms of my attitude, resilience and capabilities. If I can, through experience, self development and overcoming the fear surrounding me and problems and life generally, Supersize me to a 5, a 2 problem will seem a lot smaller!!! If I can Supersize me up to a 7 or 8 a 2 problem will not feel as if it is a problem at all!!

When I was in my 20’s I was probably pretty Supersized, nothing phased me. This reached its peak in my 30’s (probably up to a 15!). I was a lean mean emotional fighting machine. But always always kind.

Then as soon as I got pregnant I let it go….only a little bit of emotional flab to begin with….it just crept in there.I just though it was motherhood softening me…it really wasn’t. Problems started to creep out of the woodwork and pile up in front of me. My world started to shift from incredibly positive to increasingly negative, a slow shift but a definite shift all the same. I perceived that I was tired, that I suddenly no longer had the strength to put up the good fight. My personal standards started to dip and spiralled downwards like a Phoenix on its way down! Illness started to plague me and I was not the woman I had been…and I knew it. I still achieved relative success, but that was mainly due to the tornado of momentum which I had built up when I hit 15 on the scale!!!

I remember when I first started working my old boss warned of mental flabbiness….at the time it meant nothing…now it is crystal clear. It is a lazy disregard for habits that have worked in the past. It is short cutting where you shouldn’t. It is making excuses where before you would have stood your ground. But most of all it is allowing yourself the sweat the small stuff…because then you give it life and it will rise up and strangle you.

So I for one am stepping up to the plate. It is time for me to attend the mental gym in my head….I am going to flex those muscles of resilience until they shine and gleam like they used to. I am going to place the responsibility of my life firmly where it belongs, squarely on my own shoulders. I will stop blaming everything and everyone around me for what is going wrong or right and start holding MYSELF accountable.

Not only that but I will begin to take the ACTION required to cement this high state. I will do the things that I need to reignite those good habits. I am I scared…hell yeah!! There is a strange lethargy in being in a lower comfort zone than I should be….. A belonging amongst the negs…which is so far removed from where I started that I am shocked to even recognise it.

So now I am looking for ways in my head. A namby pamby exercise which will help me change, but I know that is just an excuse. The only way to do it is exactly that DO IT!!!! I must enforce those changes upon my self. I must lift my standards. I will not give in or give up or be flabby ever again.


Who is with me ladies and gentleman.

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  1. You are so right Kathryn.
    When you are a supersize a 2 is small.

    We all need to grow into a supersize to make the world a better place.

    Love and light

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