Squarespace Website Review


Squarespace: A Good Choice for Blogging Platform?

So, you have decided to get started with blogging, whether it is for personal or business use, one of the first things you have to do is to choose which platform to use. While there is an abundance of blogging platforms available, the question is which one do you use?


One of the options you can look at is Squarespace web hosting. If you go online and look for the Squarespace.com review, you will see a lot of positive remarks from clients raving about how it provides the best value for money. However, not everybody is entirely happy with this platform but more of that later


Website Features


One of the most outstanding features of Squarespace web hosting is its integrated rich text editor, which has the basic formatting options you can also find in other types of word-processing applications. This Squarespace.com review also highlights their 24/7 customer support as another feature that makes it a standout option in a market saturated in terms of choices. They have customer service representatives who are available all day and night, providing one of the fastest response times in the blogosphere


You have different options when it comes to how your website can be customized, although the choices can be quite limited. There are 32 templates available, all of which have their unique designs and are all mobile-responsive. Through the Style Editor feature, you can modify the templates, such as changing height, font, color, and letter spacing, among others. Squarespace web hosting also has an e-commerce feature, making it possible to add products and services.



What do people like about Squarespace?



If you look through most Squarespace website reviews online, you will see that most of their users are happy with its ease of use, which is perhaps one of the most important factors when looking for a website platform. It has a user-friendly design, which will make it easy to build your own website as well as excellent security features, allowing you to maintain your site in a snap. It is also generally agreed that the website offers a wide array of templates which are both attractive to the eye and practical with a mobile-responsive design. Squarespace is also one of the few blog services that gives you traffic stats without the need for a third-party plugin, which is especially useful if you are starting a public or business blog.


What People Dislike about Squarespace


In spite of the good words expressed about this blogging platform, it also has its flaws and weaknesses. One of its biggest drawbacks is the lack of options for the users to customize their sites to a significant extent since it is not an open-source application. It may also be challenging to preview your design because there are separate windows for editing and for viewing the output. Lastly, Squarespace web hosting may also be a problem when it comes to language support as the interface is available in English only.


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