SPX Nutrition – Is It A Scam?

SPX Nutrition – Is It A Scam?


spx nutrition scam



SPX Nutrition is the new weight loss and nutrition MLM company on the block  – but is SPX Nutrition a scam?



SPX nutrition is a new MLM business that sells nutrition and weight loss products. SPX Nutrition was only launched in 2014 and is based out of Utah, USA. SPX Nutrition is headed by a veteran direct sales executive, Rick Wall.



Rick had founded another MLM business in the past, called Nutri-Thin, but that company sank without a trace. He hopes to have better success with SPX Nutrition. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about SPX Nutrition, and also if there is any truth to the rumors of an SPX Nutrition scam.



SPX Nutrition Product Line  



SPX Nutrition’s main product is Nutri-Thin. SPX President Rick Wall has been closely involved in the development of Nutri-Thin along with other scientists and researchers. Nutri-Thin is an extreme weight loss formula which costs $40 per bottle.



SPX Nutrition also sells a detox formula called Nutri-Cleanse, which treats bloating and constipation and also helps with weight loss. Nutri-Cleanse sells for $40 a bottle.



Xtreme Cardio is an L-Arginine Health Formula sold by SPX Nutrition, which is good for your heart’s health.  It sells for $50 a bottle.



 SPX Nutrition also sells many more products, but these three are its most important.



The SPX Nutrition Business Opportunity



SPX Nutrition has a better compensation plan than the average MLM business and offers its members an opportunity to make money faster. You can join SPX Nutrition by paying $120 for the basic starter pack or $240 for the business builder pack.



To be eligible for the compensation plan, you will have to be on the SPX Nutrition auto-ship, which is not a hard thing to do.



Just as with any other network marketing company, you can make money on SPX Nutrition by earning a commission on the sale of the products by yourself, as well as by the people in your downline.   



SPX Nutrition offers upfront order bonus, and has a unilevel compensation structure. There are 20 affiliate membership ranks within SPX Nutrition, the higher the rank, greater are the unilevel percentage payouts.




Training and Support



SPX Nutrition offers great training and support to newly recruited members. New members are trained on the basics of network marketing concepts and techniques.



They will be put under the mentorship of a senior member who will help with their issues. They will be trained on various lead generation techniques and more.



Is There an SPX Nutrition Scam?



No, SPX Nutrition is a legitimate business that sells a high quality product. There is NO SPX Nutrition scam.  Allegations of “scam” or of being a pyramid scheme are common to every MLM business, so it goes with the territory.



Even established companies such as Amway, which has been around for over five decades, are not immune from such allegations. Naturally, SPX Nutrition like any MLM business, gets negative reviews from former members who fail to make money from the opportunity for various reasons and express their frustration online in this manner.



Truth is, it’s not SPX Nutrition’s fault that they did not apply themselves or worked harder to reach out to a much bigger audience. Network marketing is not a “get rich quick” scheme, only those who are really committed can make money at it. It’s the same with SPX Nutrition as well.



Can I make money from SPX Nutrition?



Yes, there is NO SPX Nutrition scam and you can make money from the opportunity, provided you follow the work hard, work smart and enjoy a bit of luck as well.