Rodan Fields Reviews – Is the Company a Scam?

Rodan Fields Reviews – Is the Company a Scam?

rodan fields reviews scam



Have you considered joining Rodan and Fields as an independent consultant but have been put off by all the online talk about a Rodan Fields Reviews Scam? Then you really need to read this, as we explain everything you need to know about this business opportunity.



Rodan and Fields – A Quick Intro



Rodan and Fields is an MLM business started by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, both of who are renowned dermatologists who created a popular acne treatment called ProActiv.



The Drs. Rodan and Fields created a company to sell ProActiv in 2002. It was wildly successful, but in 2009, they thought that they could make bigger profits by taking ProActiv off the shelves of department stores and selling it exclusively through independent consultants.



And they were right, as it turned out. Their MLM business, Rodan and Fields has gone on to achieve tremendous success since then. Today, it is one of the top-100 direct sales companies in the world





The Rodan and Fields Business Opportunity



It’s easy to get started as an independent consultant in Rodan and Fields. Find someone in the company to sponsor you, buy a Business Kit and get started selling the various products.



You can make money from retail sales and earn commission from the sales of people recruited by you into the business. You also get to enjoy a variety of bonuses based on the performance of your team.



The Rodan and Fields compensation plan is similar to what you get with older and established MLM companies such as Herbalife, Tupperware, Mary Kay and Avon.



So is there a Rodan Fields Reviews Scam?



Not at all! There is no Rodan Fields reviews scam. The company has been founded by world famous dermatologists who have created one of the best acne treatments in the market.



All Rodan and Fields products are clinically proven and commercially successful. It is a legitimate direct sales business that sells a high quality product.

Then why is there so much talk online about a Rodan Fields Reviews Scam?



This is not that hard to explain. It is possible that the rumors of a Rodan Fields Reviews Scam are coming from competitors, who are jealous of the massive success achieved by the company and its products such as ProActiv.



But it’s not just about the competitors. Most of the claims about there being a scam come from disgruntled people who were once associated as independent consultants with Rodan and Fields and failed to make much money, because of various reasons.



So naturally, they would want to excuse their own personal failure by pinning the blame on the company. The wrath of the ex-marketer is something every direct sales company has to deal with, especially in the era of the internet, where it’s so easy to get your word out – right or wrong – and spread rumors. So it is with Rodan and Fields as well.



So, Can You Really Make Money at Rodan and Fields?



Yes, you can make money at Rodan and Fields provided you learn how to market the business. Rodan and Fields is a typical MLM business and there are no secrets to making money with it – sell the products and recruit other members to sell the products for you and earn a commission on their sales.



Your success depends on how many people you are able to recruit. It’s all about making phone calls, talking to people, developing warm and cold markets, developing relationships and building teams. How successful you are depends entirely on your efforts.