Project : Escape The Matrix

Why do we live the way that we do? Is this meant to be, or is it simply that random circumstances have created the world in which we live. It certainly isnt organic. It is man made and made by the few, to enslave the many in their service. So what of this enslavement? How do we escape the matrix?

The rise of the intenet is a Hydra in our midst.It is an infantesamately complex unstoppable beast, which can work for bad and good according to your position within it. The key to freedom, and ultimately escape, is to tame this beast. Get it act as your work horse rather than it rule you.

The internet can access the answer to any question you may have. It can find your dreams and your nightmares contained within it. It can literally cater to all our needs should we ask it to........So who is "it"? IT, the faceless internet. Google search engines miraculously seem to reveal what we need to us. The internet is a mass of human beings, some corporate ,yes, but some individuals too, a lot of individuals actually.I have been fortunate enough to learn the skills of internet mastery from the best in the world, from the men and women who have come from nothing, often near bankrupsy and personal dispair, to find financial and spiritual freedom contained within it's world, I want to share these insights with you, in a simple striaghtforward way. Not everyone will succeed in this endevour,it is down to commitment hardwork and sheer drive.But the answer are there, So will you take the blue pill or the red pill?