Peopleperhour- Scam or Legit?


Peopleperhour – Scam or Legit?



Back in the day you would get a job, work there forever and then leave with fond memories and a gold watch.  Those days are long gone and we are now in the era of the zero contract, micro job site where freelancing is the new job for life. Of the many online freelancing sites, is one of the better known options but is it a scam  or legit?



Who Are  Peopleperhour?



Peopleperhour is an online money making platform that allows sellers and buyers to meet and transact business online. So if you are a seller, are skilled in a certain field and fancy hire yourself out you can easily make money from this site.



Is Peopleperhour a Good Site?



Well, what you need to work this out is for me to put together a comprehensive Peopleperhour Review so let’s crack on then!.



How Peopleperhour Works



Peopleperhour is an online site that links sellers to buyers or vice versa. All you need to do, as a seller, is to sign up for free and state your areas of expertise. You can either wait for buyers to contact you or you can bid for jobs posted by buyers. Either way, showing your skills is the name of the game and will get you the cash you need.  It is as simple as that.



How do you Receive Payments



New freelancers are always worried about getting paid but if you don’t see any money then it won’t be the fault of Peopleperhour. Delivery of quality service is what will ensure that you get paid.  If you can deliver the goods then Peopleperhour are great at paying out; all  payments are done online through Skrill. which is a dead safe way of getting your money.



The Cons of Peopleperhour



Here are the cons of freelancing with Peopleperhour



  • Great Payment


    • Of all of the available sites for making money, people per hour uk is one of the best paying sites a freelancer can get. Whereas other similar sites pay their freelancers peanuts when it comes to payment, Peopleperhour rewards its members handsomely. Most of the buyers using Peopleperhour spend decent amounts of money in paying their sellers. Furthermore, a seller has the advantage of negotiating for a better deal with the client.


  • You select what you want


    • As seen in the main site, there are thousands of peopleperhour freelance jobs and therefore means that the market is open for people to chose what they want to do in the market.


  • Guaranteed Payment Escrow is responsible for guaranteeing you the payment the moment you get into a working contract with a buyer.


    • So long as you clear with your project and deliver a satisfactory job, you are guaranteed that the money will be forwarded to your account.


  • Direct Communication with the Buyer



  • A seller transacting in peopleperhour has direct contact with the seller. This has helped many sellers to negotiate for better deals and even start dealing with clients out of the site to avoid the commissions charged. Though it is against the contract of peopleperhour, people have managed to ‘steal’ clients from the site.


The Bad Side of Peopleperhour



There are also cons of using people per hour. While many have been happy with the site, an equal number has registered dissatisfaction when dealing with the site peopleperhour com. Here below are some of the disadvantages of using peopleperhour.



  • Lengthy Process during payment


    • Though it is easy to sign up and start doing work, the process of payment is very lengthy and discouraging to the seller. Very vital personal information has to be sent to the site making the process very tiring.


  • Inappropriate use of Personal Data


    • The personal information you send to the site can be used maliciously. There are clients who have reported abuse of their personal information. The info is spread all over the internet.


  • Frustration


    • The site has frustrated many sellers to the extent of losing hope in tracking the money. If you do not live in the UK, getting your money may prove to be difficult to the extent that you may be tempted to leave the money.
  • Buyer Friendly Terms


  • Some of the terms set out in this site are exposing sellers to being conned. There is a particular clause which states that if you do not communicate with the buyer for a certain period through the site, the buyer might successfully petition escrow to return funds. Since communication is mainly done directly through email, this clause puts the sellers into great danger.

These are some of the disadvantages sellers using people per hour uk face. It is claimed that the site is just interested in getting their cut and that they do not value sellers so long as they get their cut. Sellers too, have been complaining that peopleperhour has on various occasions authorized release of funds from escrow without their approval.

Final Verdict:

Well, the site is good for doing freelancing jobs, but the many complains have made its legitimacy to face scrutiny. Best of the best freelancers do not recommend people per hour as the only source of income. It has been claimed that it is a scam in the making and therefore you should have other online sites and put peopleperhour as a supporting site so as to avoid disappointments.