Nature’s Sunshine – Is It A Scam?

Nature’s Sunshine – Is it a Scam?


nature's sunshine scam


In this article I discuss Nature’s Sunshine and ask the question – Is nature’s Sunshine A Scam?


Before we discuss everything you need to know about Nature’s Sunshine, let’s get this out of the way – there is no Nature’s Sunshine scam.



Nature’s Sunshine is an established MLM business that has been around for over 40 years. Yes, you heard that right – the company has been around for 40 years and has over 500 products to its credit. 



Nature’s Sunshine is a publicly owned company and is responsible to its shareholders. It is also subject to the same rules and regulations with respect to financial accountability, sustainability, and security, as any publicly held company by the SEC.



It has over 700,000 members in over 40 countries and is one of the most profitable MLM businesses out there. So rumors of a Nature’s Sunshine scam are wrong, and frankly, of a malicious intent. 



The Management



40 years ago, Kristine and Gene Hughes were herbal pioneers, planting the seeds that eventually became Nature’s Sunshine.



Gene had a nagging stomach condition and decided to start taking cayenne pepper. While the herb provided relief, it was hard to ingest cayenne pepper by the spoonful.



Gene’s wife suggested putting the cayenne powder into capsules. This was  a revolutionary idea and in 1972, Nature’s Sunshine became the first company to encapsulate herbs. Nature’s Sunshine has since grown from a small family owned business to one of the top wellness and health companies in the world.



Nature’s Sunshine today has a top notch management team headed by Gregory L. Probert, the chairman and CEO. Probert used to be the President of Herbalife and is a respected figure in network marketing.  



Herbalife is, of course, one of the top MLM businesses in the world. Probert was also a Vice President at Walt Disney company and has stellar credentials.



The company is in the business of life transformation. They also completely believe that wellness and natural health has the power to change lives and through their business opportunity, people and products, they work to make it a reality.



The Products



Nature’s Sunshine has a lineup of over 500 products representing a broad spectrum of the health and nutrition industry. All products made by Nature’s Sunshine are made in accordance with the strictest quality control standards.



Its facilities are located in Utah and are certified by NSF International, a nonprofit that rates companies in the healthcare industry. The most popular Nature’s Sunshine products are Probiotic Eleven®, Thai-Go®, CleanStart® Wild Berry and Co-Q10 (50MG).



The broad selection of products points to their commitment to relevance and innovation as well as set the utmost standards in the industry. Excellent results, expertise and proven quality are the top reasons why they are recommended and trusted by customers and natural health practitioners all over the globe.



Nature’s Sunshine brings wellness and health to millions of customer every single day. They also believe that when people are healthier, lives are completely transformed.



In the past 40 years, Nature’s Sunshine grown to become a global force for good health in 26 markets all over the world.



The Business Opportunity



There are two separate compensation plans available with Nature’s Sunshine – Legacy and Classic. Legacy is recommended for network marketers while Classic is for customers, medical professionals and retailers. To join the program, you should purchase $40 worth of Nature’s Sunshine products. Membership is free.



As a member of the legacy plan, you can sponsor other members to join the company and will be offered a variety of bonuses and commissions for this such as the Smart Start bonus and unilevel residual commissions.  You will also be given a rebate on your own purchases.



Can You Make Money With Nature’s Sunshine?



Nature’s Sunshine has a great reputation and its products are of the best quality, affordable, in demand and easy to promote. Nature’s Sunshine is one of the few MLM companies that really cares about its members. They are given a lot of assistance with getting quality leads and growing their business.



 If you are someone who is good at making new relationships, with a strong focus on sales and building your own team of network marketers, you will certainly do well at Nature’s Sunshine.  You will earn commission on your own product sales as well as that on the sales made by members in your downline.



Nature’s Sunshine is actually a great company to get started with if you are new to network marketing because of how easy their products are to promote. The commission structure is quite generous – 12% for level 1, 4% for level 2 and 2% for level 3 and really does offer a great opportunity to make money provided you have a strong team working under you.



The Verdict



I began this review by explaining why rumors of a Nature’s Sunshine scam are just wrong. Nature’s Sunshine is an established MLM business with highly marketable and affordable products and a generous compensation plan.



If you are someone looking to get into multi-level marketing or even a veteran marketer looking for a new opportunity, then Nature’s Sunshine might just be what you are looking for.