My Advertising Pays To Sue Internet Blog Site Tara Talks

My Advertising Pays To Sue Internet Blog Site Tara Talks



my advertising pays sues tara talks



The Rev Share site My Advertising Pays (MAP) has announced on its corporate blog  that it is to sue blogger and long running critic Tara Talks


The MAP blog states


‘ (MAP), one of the world’s leading online marketing and advertising companies, is striking back against the blogging website TaraTalksToday (“TaraTalks”). 



For months TaraTalks has been on a campaign to destroy MAP’s reputation, undermine its integrity, and tarnish MAP founder, Michael Deese’s, standing as a business owner and veteran of the United States Air Force.  Despite numerous pleas by MAP, TaraTalks has failed to retract her false statements and has continued to defame MAP and Deese through her online blog.



MAP has decided that now is the time to fight back and stand up not only against the false literature spread about the company, but about the good hearted and hardworking people we are honored to call our affiliates.



MAPS’s corporate counsel is in the process of initiating a federal law suit in the Northern District of Illinois alleging libel, interference with business relationship, and false light claims against TaraTalks. 





Tara Talks has written several articles questioning the integrity of MAP and other rev share sites such as Traffic Monsoon as well as singling out individuals such as top affiliate Simon Stepsys, MAP owner Mike Dees and head of UK operations Tony and Lynne Booth



Tara Talks has argued strongly that both MAP and Traffic Monsoon are in fact PONZI schemes rather than legitimate businesses and has used as justification for these arguments the collapse of other rev share sites such as Banners Broker


my advertising pays sue tara talks  


At times her dedication has bordered on the obsessive and include gatecrashing MAP meetings, calling the management of various hotels asking them to cancel MAP meetings and arguing for a petition against the inclusion of MAP in the Top 100 Direct Selling Companies In The World 2016 Poll



So are MAP serious about this or this just a ploy to keep on board nervous affiliates?



Watch this space!