Meditation – Self Discovery Or Self Centred?

meditation self discovery

Meditation can be difficult to fit into a busy world.


How can you find time to escape? Do you deserve joy?


Meditating can soothe the soul and replenish our internal reserves. I can also be a pleasurable experience. So why do we find it so difficult, throughout the course of the day, to fit it in?


Meditating involves becoming momentarily self centred. Being self centred has, by modern society, been likened to being selfish, which would therefore make it an undesirable state! However as members of society it is essential that we take some time to centre on ourselves. With this time investment, we can be the best “me” that we can be,  which will mean that apart from feeling happier and more satified with our lot, we will be more capable for the people who need us. So really by being a little “self-centred” we are being unselfish overall.


So what if we cannot find the time no matter how hard we try? I have a technique which I have used when time has been short but I still wish to experience joy and well being. In order for this technique to be effective you need to become ” body aware” and you need to be able to call up an intense, pleasurable emotion connected to a memory fairly on demand. This may take some preparation to access but in the end it is worth it



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