Kleeneze Distributor Reviews – Does Kleeneze Actually Work?

Kleeneze Distributor Reviews – Does Kleeneze Actually Work?


kleeneze distributor reviews


Kleeneze is the oldest network marketing company in Europe. In this article I look at at Kleeneze distributor reviews and ask – does Kleeneze really work?



Are you looking for a summary of Kleeneze distributor reviews? I’ve done my research on Kleeneze based on reviews by countless distributors and present my findings here.



Kleeneze Homecare is one of the oldest network marketing companies in Europe, founded way back in 1923 in Bristol, United Kingdom, by the unfortunately named Harry Crook.



Mr. Crook began by selling brushes door to door. The product line of Kleeneze has since grown to include a range of household items in various categories such as kitchen, storage, bathroom, dental, health, cooking, face care, fragrance, skin care, pets, body care, blankets, mats, fittings, recycling, pets, foot care, exercise, and beauty care.



Kleeneze is one of the 100 biggest network marketing companies in the world. Kleeneze is one of the founding members of the DSA (Direct Selling Association). 



Kleeneze offers a great opportunity for self-employed people to earn a decent extra income by posting Kleeneze catalogues through doors of homes in a neighbourhood, get orders from customers and earn a 20% commission on each sale.



According to Kleeneze distributor reviews, one can easily make around £200 a week from posting Kleeneze catalogues.



The concept is simple enough – get the catalogues from the company, post them through the letterboxes of as many homes as possible, collect the orders a few days later, hand over the products to the customers and earn a 20% commission on each sale.



This is simple enough and a great way for students or homemakers to earn an extra income. But many distributors don’t like that Kleeneze charges £45 per catalogue set.


kleeneze distributor reviews


According to Kleeneze distributor’s, they can expect to make between £50 and £500 per week depending on how hard they work at the opportunity. Generally distributors had positive things to say about the company, but there were some complaints too.



One distributor said that she had to work very hard to make money from Kleeneze and that the catalogues were priced too high. She said that it was actually cheaper to get the same products from eBay and other online stores.



The other issue that she alluded to was that customers were often not at home when she went to collect the catalogues and sometimes customers did not have money to pay for the orders.



Another Kleeneze distributor, a college student, said that he learned important business lessons from the opportunity such as processing orders, delivering goods to customers on time and gained valuable customer service experience from it.  He liked that fact that as a Kleeneze distributor, he was his own boss and could spend his time the way he liked.



Most distributors agreed that the first six months were the hardest as this is the time when one has to create a customer base. One said that the hardest part about being a Kleeneze distributor was to stay motivated as customers could be quite unreliable with their ordering habits. But she liked the fact that Kleeneze made networking opportunities and trainings available to everyone.



All distributors agreed that the Kleeneze management was very fair and that they had no problems with their co-workers. Most liked the flexible working hours and the opportunity to interact directly with customers.



Kleeneze distributors were appreciative of the fact that Kleeneze supported many charities and donated large sums of money for worthy causes. But they felt that the branding and reputation of the company was dated, and wanted the management to focus on rebranding the company on a priority basis.





I  have summarized the viewpoints from various Kleeneze distributor reviews here. As you can see, you can definitely earn good money from Kleeneze as long as you are prepared to work hard at it.



The key is to make smart use of your time and build great relationships with customers in your area. Kleeneze is a solid business that has been around for over 90 years, but the Kleeneze brand feels outdated and needs to be refreshed in order to compete with other young and aggressive challengers in a crowded marketplace.