Isagenix Reviews – Is Isagenix A Scam?

Isagenix Reviews – Is Isagenix A Scam?


isagenix reviews scam

Is Isagenix A Scam? If You Believe Some Of The Reviews Out There You Would Certainly Think So – Here Is What I Think



In this review, I look to  address the most important things you should know about Isagenix, one of the most promising opportunities  to arrive on the MLM scene and whether you should join it or not.



First of all, who are Isagenix?



Isagenix is a maker of dietary supplements that uses the network marketing approach to sell its products.



Isagenix was founded in 2002 by three veteran network marketers, Kathy Cooper, Jim Cooper and John Anderson.



There has always been a strong demand for quality health and nutritional products across the world and Isagenix aims to cater for this demand.



Today, Isagenix has grown into a massive company, with an annual turnover of over $330 million and has over 200,000 sales associates working for it in dozens of countries.



Isagenix is popular not only in the United States, where it was launched, but also in Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Taiwan.



The Products



Isagenix makes protein shakes, dietary meals and snacks and weight loss supplements.



They have also branched out recently into beauty and cosmetic products.



Isagenix’s products are very popular, because they deliver a great quality, at an affordable price.



In particular, women are the biggest buyers of Isagenix products.



It’s been a smart strategy on the part of Isagenix founders to target women, because unlike men, when women buy dietary, health or nutritional products, they buy for the whole family and not just for themselves.



A yearly revenue of $330 million suggests that the company has got its business plans right.



For a complete list of all Isagenix products, do visit their website here.




Business Opportunity



It’s easy to get started with Isagenix.



You have to purchase a product pack and that will automatically get you the title of a sales associate with the company.



There are four different packs that you can choose from, the starting pack or the Sample Pak costs just $150; the Business Pack costs $340; the Pacesetter Pak costs $450 and the Presidents Pak costs $600 and is the priciest of the lot.



Next up, I discuss what you really want to know, the Isagenix Compensation Plan!



Compensation Plan



Isagenix has a very interesting compensation plan, which is one of the best in the MLM business. But it’s easy to get confused.



Essentially, Isagenix uses a binary pay structure. This means a team builder has to build two legs of their team. Performance of each leg is monitored closely and when both legs match, that’s when the team leader gets paid.



This can be slightly confusing and a little complicated because of one of the legs fails to perform, the team leader suffers.



That’s why it is important to have the right people in your downline in both legs.



But it is possible to make a lot of money by building teams of sales associates at Isagenix.



You can earn commissions on retail stores of 30 to 100%, which is as high as it gets.



You will be given bonuses, promotions and several incentives based on your performance. So, there’s a lot to get excited about.



Isagenix A Scam – Really?



Contrary to the speculations from some of the Isagenix reviews out there, the fact is Isagenix is one of the most reputable MLM businesses in the business and there is NO scam.



The problem, as ever, is that some people fail to make money at Isagenix because they suck at recruiting people!



Recruiting people is the only real way to make money in any MLM business.



That’s why you need to have a proper strategy in place to help you with this. If you’re not good at networking with people and building relationships, then perhaps network marketing is not meant for you.



Sorry, but that is just a fact. And it is also a fact that talented network marketers – including those working with Isagenix – do make a lot of money without working too hard for it.