Is Vindale Research A Scam Or Legit?

Vindale Researchscam

Is Vindale Research A Scam Or Legit?





In this article I will be looking at Vindale Research and asking Is Vindale Research A Scam Or Legit?




Finding work online that’s not only quick but easy to do can be hard to come by, especially with the number of scams that are present on the Internet.



However, why not trust one of the oldest paid survey websites in existence, so you know that you know with Vindale Research you are dealing with a site that is legit. It’s definitely one that should be added to your list if you’re seeking to supplement your income from a variety of sources.



Owned by SayForExample Inc, all of the policies provided on their website when you first sign up can be a little lengthy, but all of the details are laid out clearly. It’s absolutely free to sign up, and you won’t lose any percentage of your earnings to Vindale com. This makes it much more trustworthy than many other survey sites that are out there.


How Vindale Research Panel Works



Vindale Research Panel work by providing a wide variety of surveys for you to do. It certainly presents more opportunities for you to choose from so that you’re not stuck taking the same boring surveys every day.



The variation allows you to take surveys that are actually interesting, and focus on topics that you may have had some experience in before, so you’re not going into it completely blind for the first time.



Vindale research are anything but a scam; instead of the other pay-to-do survey sites that only provide a few cents per survey, are as legit as they come and can provide payouts ranging from five to seventy-five dollars every payment period.



This is a lot higher than the competition, making it a much more desirable option to earn some quick cash, which can give some people a reason to believe that it could be a scam. However, the Vindale research panel is anything but a scam



With the ease at which people can start to earn money, it can be easy to consider Vindale as some kind of scam. When you first register, you’ll be signed up by Vindale for a number of trials for products and services and part of the costs of which are passed on to you.



It is then that surveys are sent out so that it appears as if you are leaving useful feedback for the products and servicing that you’re supposed to be trying out. Some of these surveys you may actually be interested in, so you may provide some quality feedback that can have a real effect on the marketing aspect of the product.



However, the downside to this is that the advertised payouts are highly inflated, and you’re not likely to get the full amount that’s stated. For example, you may have to pay $30 for a trial, and Vindale Research will state that you’ve been remunerated for $45 when you’ve only been paid $15.



This can cause confusion as people may not understand what they’re truly earning and makes it a bit more difficult to plan one’s finances in the future. This is of course, another reason for the accusations that Vindale Research is a scam



That said one can become quite successful with these paid trial offers, as long as you exercise discipline and organisation. For some of these offers, there is a time limit with which you have to try it out and respond to the survey and some involve a cost to join although the majority of them are free. If you need to have a product shipped to you, then the most you’ll pay is the shipping fees and nothing else.



Keeping a record of when the trial period is supposed to end is important, as failing to cancel the offer or return the product can result in your credit card being billed for the full price of the product. This can be problematic for those who don’t keep an accurate record of things and fail to stay organised.


Earning More through Particular Surveys




With Vindale Research, the earning power of each survey is not the same. Some surveys will gain you more income than others, but it may not be possible to know which is which, not until you’re already taking them.



Generally, the surveys that require more of your time and dedication to complete are the ones that are going to earn you more money. The more focused the expertise on the survey material, such as medical surveys, will also generate more income than other kinds. There are still various ways for you to earn, however. Here’s a rundown of the earning potential of the different kind of tasks you can undertake.


  • Evaluations: $5 to $75
  • Surveys: $1 to $5
  • Videos: up to 25 cents
  • Reward mail: up to 10 cents
  • Referrals: $5
  • Submission of payment photo: $5
  • Cash Contests: $15
  • Deals: coupons and discounts are received absolutely free on certain products and services




How Payment is made By Vindale Research




Vindale Research makes a point of paying all of its members in cash instead of using a points redeeming system like some other survey sites use. This means that you can experience the real earning potential of all your hard work, and can generate a real income that you can see rather than a set of points that you can redeem for items from a certain list.



Vindale is lauded for providing real cash payments instead of having to convert points into direct cash. This means that you can receive payouts a lot more quickly, and in an income you can appreciate.






Vindale Research as well as being one of the oldest survey sites on the Internet is legit and definitely to be trusted when it comes to keeping their members happy and interested to keep working. Surveys are being updated on a daily basis, and pay out extremely well.



However, the downside to payments is that the company requires members to earn at least $50 before they can receive a payout. This can make it difficult for some to earn that much if it’s not something that they can keep doing on a daily basis. On the other hand, with the free trial evaluations, it can be quite easy to earn that much in one go, and generate a lot more income in less time.



So Vindale Research is legit but you will never make more than a minimum wage from it.