Is SendEarnings Legit?

SendEarnings Legit


Is SendEarnings Legit?




Some people may be wary for signing up for SendEarnings believing that anything that promises to earns you money online is likely to be a scam. In This Article I will be looking at whether SendEarnings is Legit



There are plenty of ways to make money online, but none are as easy as SendEarnings. It’s so easy that you can earn five dollars just from signing up. But what else is entailed with SendEarnings?



SendEarnings uses legitimate methods to provide you with the extra income that you need. The process of working for SendEarnings involves simply getting paid to read emails, which almost sounds too good to be true.



SendEarnings is owned by CotterWeb Enterprise Network, which operates under the “get paid to” model that assigns customers different tasks for them to earn cash from SendEarnings by taking surveys. These tasks can include signing up for trial periods for some product or service, reading various emails, shopping online at certain stores, and answering surveys. Income is generated through the ads that are funded by CotterWeb.



How can you trust that SendEarnings is legit?



CotterWeb has received a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, and has been an accredited business since 2012. This means that they know what customers are looking for when they’re in need of making money quickly online.




How Does Sendearnings Pay?



First of all you need to sign up for Membership With SendEarnings. Signing up with SendEarnings is absolutely free. Registering alone for an account can earn you five dollars. However, this is due to the fact that once you are a member, you start to receive emails from advertisers about their products and services.



The only thing you need to do, however, is to open them and click on the links that have been provided to you although it might be advisable to open up a separate email just for receiving the offers from SendEarnings

You would think that this way of reading emails can earn you fast cash, but it’s actually quite a slow process for you to gain any real income. With emails being sent at a rate of two to three per day, the pay rate is anywhere between three to ten cents per email.



This isn’t really a lot of money to earn each day, even with the additional fifty cents that can be earned from the daily survey. Despite this being the most common way that people gain income, there are other methods at one’s disposal to have SendEarnings real income.



Taking up trial programs with providers, such as Netflix, can provide you with different amounts of money once the trial is over, or you cancel the offer after signing up.



Be aware of the offers you are signing up for, however, as they may contain specific long-term clauses that can affect the time in which you will be paid before you can cancel their services.



Purchasing certain items from providers, such as HP and Apple can also earn you cash, as well as provide you with luxury items that you may have been craving for a long time.



One of the best ways to earn lots of money through SendEarnings in particular is through the referral program. By referring a person who starts to earn on SendEarnings, you can start to earn 10 percent of what they earn. The ones who stand to benefit the most are those who are skilled with marketing programs, such as SEO and PPC. Relying on referrals alone, however, can be problematic if you’re looking for a fast way to make lots of money.



SendEarnings has certain security measures in place. Only one individual per household is allowed to join the site so the address for your check should be yours and yours alone.



This saves on multiple people in the same building stacking together their earnings in order to have one large check or several checks being sent to the same place at once. It also prevents people from making multiple accounts in an attempt to cheat the system.



How Does SendEarnings Pay Out Faster?



You can get paid faster with SendEarnings by signing up for Gold Membership. The gold membership has been around since 2008 and allows only the most loyal customers to have access to more rewards and referrals.



The reviews of SendEarnings have generally complimented SendEarnings for granting more incentives to sign up for the program. In addition to awarding more referrals to customers, they can receive payments much faster than they would on the normal program.



They will be processed and received in three to nine days rather than the usual sixteen. Lastly, one of the benefits of the gold membership is double sweepstakes entries, which increases your chances of winning SendEarnings Cash Freebies each month



How Often Does SendEarnings Pay Out?



One of the biggest concerns of SendEarnings is payment. Getting paid takes a long time to process after your request has been put in. This is to ensure that ensure that payments are first received from their respective partners first before they can be made to their customers.



However, this means that it can sometimes take up to one to two months before payment is received and although SendEarnings offers a support facility, Send Earnings are unlikely to process payments any faster which can put a dampener on the prospect of trying to earn way money very quickly.



Patience is something that should definitely be exercised when it comes to SendEarnings as they are definitely safe but they are also slow!






In general, SendEarnings provides a legitimate method of earning cash to those who sign up but it does have its own share of complaints. Some have even complained about not receiving payments even after they’re completed certain trial offers. It’s a well-established means of earning a side income, with no limit on referrals, but the amount of information that’s provided upon signing up is a bit lacking.



There’s also no choice of payment options in order to earn money much faster, such as PayPal or direct payment to your bank account. This makes the service a lot slower than people are willing to settle for, and may result in them giving up on attempting to earn money altogether. You might find other sites such as CashCrate provide a much faster payment for your surveys



However, there is no denying that SendEarnings provides a real way to earn cash and are definitely a consideration to keep in mind if you’re looking for a way to supplement your income.