Is Panda Research Legit?

Panda Research Legit


Is Panda Research Legit?





It is one of the latest online money-making trends: Taking surveys. There are literally scores of companies offering cash payments and other award incentives for answering a series of study questions which can relate to any topic from religion to video games. One such company is Panda Research – but are they legit?



While there are those who truly enjoy making a little extra money participating in these surveys there are those who think it is a huge waste of time, as most do nothing but struggle just to get through an entire survey just to make a few cents.


Panda Research is an online survey study research group offering cash for your time and your opinions and answers. The registration process is basic and free of charge, and they have a large number of registered participants.  Below we will go over this in a bit more detail, discussing what some of Panda Research’s registered participants have had to say about the subject.


Panda Research: Beefing up the ham or pulling off a scam – Is Panda Research  legit?




The answer to this question seems to vary depending on whom you ask. One avid user claims they are happy to have an easy way to earn a few extra cents here and there, and that it really adds up if you apply yourself, while another is shaking their head in disgust while they tell you how they got halfway through 20 different surveys before being told they didn’t qualify for any of them.



Wouldn’t you be angry if you wasted an hour for absolutely nothing but hope that the next question wouldn’t be your last?

Many people claim that Panda Research and their online survey cash earning program is a great big hustle, taking your time and giving you virtually nothing in return. So is Panda Research Legit?



So what is the real deal? Is Panda Research an easy-money bustle, or is it a time-wasting hustle?



The Pros: It looks like Panda Research is Legit



If you are a home-maker, a college student or just someone wanting to see if it is possible to make money only and you can find a bit of time every now and then to play on your computer then you can indeed can earn some extra money by participating in surveys conducted by Panda Research as they do seem legit



Yes, it takes persistence because yes, you can be disqualified easily. All survey sites, Panda included, clearly warn that disqualification is common. Panda and other sites as well offer other incentives and ways to still benefit from participating.



This survey site also has some pretty high-paying survey opportunities available; you can actually find studies which will pay up to $75. The main problem with these, however, tends to be qualification. Unless you happen to fit the demographic, let’s say you need to be a 3ft high midget aged 32 ½ from Lithuania called Derrick (OK, slight exaggeration) you could find it difficult to fully qualify and this happens all the time.



Persistence is the key if you are going to participate. While you do not want to depend on them as your primary income source you can make a little cash and you don’t have to ask, “Is legit?” because it is. Whether it is worth participating is another question altogether.




What Are The Cons Of Panda Research?



The biggest setback here is the fact that you are so easily disqualified from surveys. There are other ways to earn rewards and cash on the site, but many will require some type of purchase. There is a minimum you must earn before you can request to be paid and it takes some time for your pay to come through. These reasons for this are the main basis for people claiming that Panda Research is not legit.



They believe, not unreasonably,  that after actually completing 95% of the survey before then being disqualified means that Panda Research is a scam. While this does fall in line with the site’s warnings it is enough to make you want to really pull your hair out.



If you enjoy taking online surveys you can indeed make money from Panda Research. It is simply important to keep it in perspective; if you need extra money for a Christmas gift or want to save up for something in particular it is a great resource, but don’t try to pay off your house working for this site or anything like it. It is best to keep your day job.