Is Nu Skin A Scam?

Is Nu Skin A Scam?


is nu skin scam

In this article I look at Nu Skin Enterprises and ask – are they legit or a scam?





Nu Skin is a network marketing company that has been around since 1984. It was founded by Steven Lund, Blake Roney, and Sandi Tolliston and is a known name in the industry.



The company enjoys a turnover of over $1 billion a year in sales and has an impressive market capitalization of over $2.31 billion.



Nu Skin representatives are active in over 50 countries and it is still growing, even after being around for over 20 years. This is impressive because most direct sales companies typically shut down after 5 years or so.



Nu Skin Products



Nu Skin has a range of impressive products in the health and wellness niche.


In fact, there are over 200 Nu Skin products. Nu Skin offers a range of solutions for hair and skin care, as well as for nutrition and anti-aging. Nu Skin covers all aspects of personal care, including some highly impressive spa products.



Nu Skin’s Pharmanex product range coves Nutrition, weight loss and vitality. Nu Skin is simply a very impressive health and wellness company that uses direct sales to market its products.




The other great thing about Nu Skin’s business is that its products are largely recession proof. People will always need anti-aging solutions, skin care products, weight loss products and so on, regardless of the condition of the economy.



Also, women in particular relate to Nu Skin’s products in a big way and are the company’s primary customers. There is an impressive demand for Nu Skin’s products in over 50 countries around the world.




Nu Skin Compensation Plan



How much money you make with Nu Skin largely depends on how much work you do and how many people you are able to recruit.



Nu Skin’s compensation model is pretty much standard for a network marketing company. There are four ways to make money using Nu Skin. They are:



1. Fast start Payments
2. Volume Commissions
3. Retail Margins
4. Bonuses



Is Nu Skin Enterprises a Scam?



There are a few online reviews about the company that claim that there is some kind of Nu Skin scam.



This is far from being true because Nu Skin has been around since 1984 – no company that is ridden with scams can survive so long, especially when you consider the tough regulatory environment in the United States, which is Nu Skin’s home country.



Nu Skin is a reputable company, with a solid background and a great reputation. The quality of Nu Skin products has never been in doubt. There were claims made against the company back in 1994, which have since been thoroughly investigated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission.)



The company has come out of that phase and there has not been even a single instance of Nu Skin being found guilty of any charge in court.



It is quite clear that Nu Skin is not a scam, and is in fact one of the most trusted direct sales companies out there. It continues to expand and grow, with several thousand new representatives joining Nu Skin every year.



It is possible that the negative reviews you see about Nu Skin online are written by disgruntled former Nu Skin marketers who were unable to make money because of a failure to truly understand how network marketing works and not having a proper strategy in place.



Rumors of a Nu Skin scam are completely disingenuous.



Can you make money with Nu Skin?



Yes, you certainly can make money with Nu Skin, provided you have a proper strategy in place.



If you are a newbie to network marketing, you may struggle to get going at the start, but with a bit of experience and by picking up the right skills, and with some hard work, you will start growing into the business and earn a nice income as well.