Is My Advertising Pays A Ponzi Scheme?

Is My Advertising Pays A Ponzi Scheme?



The Biggest Accusation Levelled At My Advertising Pays Is That It Is A Ponzi Scheme. Here Is My Response


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I recently posted about a My Advertising Pays event that I attended 


I received the following comment on my post 



The last meeting only had 30 people. This is a PONZI and is currently struggling to keep its website up for more than a few minutes each day. See The Mirror article on Simon Stepsys





Here was my response together with a video!

Hi Marc

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my article


I don’t know which meeting you were at but the one I attended was completely jammed full and I ended up having to stand at the back of the room!


My Advertising Pays is receiving a lot of attention, both positive and negative at the moment and the reason for that is that it is delivering results


Nobody would ever call Clixsense a Ponzi scheme because you have to click 26,000 to earn $30, everybody stays broke and the company get left alone
My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

With My Advertising Pays, however, people hear about members getting to the maximum number of credit packs (1200) receiving income every month of $8-9,000 and suddenly everyone is shouting Ponzi!


One argument that I have heard is that the profit sharing, where the initial credit packs costing $49.99 increase to $60 over a roughly 100 day period rely heavily on new money coming in


I absolutely do not dispute this but isn’t this the same for every business? If people stopped buying Apple products then how long will they stay in business?


The difference between a legitimate business and a Ponzi scheme is that a legitimate business offered real, tangible, useful products and services whereas a Ponzi scheme has no such products but simply shuffles around the money that people put into it for as long as they can get away with doing so


My advertising pays has products, each credit pack allows 500 chances at getting eyeballs to your website and unlike most traffic exchanges which are full of robots and freeloaders, the people in MAP have one thing in common, they have all demonstrated their willingness to take out their credit card and buy


That being said, I am not going to say that MAP is 100% guaranteed to never implode; this is an internet marketing company, not the Federal reserve


Personally, for me, my decision making process went like this


Was I willing to spend $1,000 upfront and about 60 hours in total to get my packs up to 1200 over a year so that I could then obtain $8-9000 per month once I hit 1200 with the risk that if the company went bust I would lose that investment


For me the answer was yes, it’s not my only gig, the beauty of MAP is that as it takes only 10 minutes a day to do the clicks, you have plenty of time to promote other businesses or just live your life
Other people decide not to reinvest all of their money into packs and just get to 1200 more slowly but take back their initial investment (often more) in the process
Finally, I don’t think a company can be judged by the baggage carried by one of its reps, even one as successful as Simon

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  1. Too many people make the assumption that MAP is a scam program because of past failed programs like Banners Broker. But one of the very reasons why MAP was set up was precisely because various rev share programs were falling and not delivering their promises, so MAP was designed with the aid of mathematicians and statisticians to ensure it’s long term sustainability.

    As for Simon Stepsys, he get a lot of negative attention because of his involvement in BB and other programs that failed, yet he did not found or own such programs and was not responsible for their downfall, he’s simply a top affiliate and a victim of scams too! I believe his real intention is to help people make money and be a solver of problems, after all, he could easily retire if he wanted to but he instead puts himself out there and engages with ordinary people in the business.

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