Is bHIP Global A Scam? An Impartial Review

Is bHIP Global A Scam? An Impartial Review



bhip global scam



Is there a bHIP Global Scam? Well, in this impartial review I investigate bHIP Global and tell you what I make of it.





bHIP Global is a health and wellness company based out of Melissa, Texas. It is owned by the husband and wife duo of Terry LaCore and Jennifer LaCore. The company makes a range of health and wellness products from anti-aging solutions to personal skin care, from weight loss solutions to multivitamin supplements. bHIP Global products cost in the range of $50 to $100, which is a nice price to have – affordable for consumers and with a decent margin for marketers.



The company even makes energy drinks. They sell their products in over 30 countries around the world and have a flourishing business which allows network marketers to make excellent profits. bHIP Global has a commitment to deliver only the most authentic, unique and high quality health and wellness products to customers across the world.




What is the bHIP Global Compensation Like?



There are 5 main ways to earn money from bHIP Global. They are:


Retail Profit – A bHIP Global marketer can earn up to 30% in retail profit on each product sold

Qualification Bonus – You get a one-time $50 bonus by sponsoring two active members.

Direct Bonus – You will get a one-time $11, $45 or $150 bonus for sponsoring any member above the associate level.

Team Bonus – You will get 10% of all lesser leg volume. This means, you can make up to $30,000/week from Team Bonus, which is amazing.


Leadership Bonuses – This bonus is given to true leaders; those who help others succeed and go the extra mile to help those in their downline.



As you can see here, the big money in bHIP Global lies in building a team of network marketers. You can make a good income from product sales as well. But if you show exemplary leadership skills and are able to recruit large teams, then your chances of success with bHIP Global are so much brighter.


While bHIP Global is a respectable company, there are a few reviews online that hinted about a bHIP Global scam. Is there really a scam? Let’s find out!


There is a suspicion of scam around every MLM business, because many people still haven’t accepted the concept of network marketing. There are those who say that even a proven network marketing success story, Amway, which has been around for several decades, is a scam!


 bHIP Global is a decent and reliable company that makes quality products and operates in the MLM stream. It’s is a perfectly fair decision to make – Multi-Level Marketing is very much a legitimate business opportunity.


There are those who call ML business such as bHIP Global a “pyramid scheme”. No, this is not so. It is a scam? A scam is something that is said to have happened when your money is taken from you, swindled, for nothing in return.


Nobody has complained about the quality of bHIP Global’s products. bHIP Global has a very successful product line consisting of health and wellness products and solutions that offers great benefits to consumers around the world. It is a reliable company with solid prospects for growth.


Also, you need to understand that in most direct sales companies there is a massive difference  between the top salespeople and the majority of people at the bottom. That’s why one hears words such as “pyramid scheme” and “scam” associated with every MLM business, even the best ones and bHIP Global is no different. 


Does this mean that the company is a scam? No it does not but what sometimes happens is that businesses such as bHIP Global are mistakenly promoted as ‘get rich quick’ schemes which will magically catapult you into a life of luxury for little or no effort. This simply is not the case; in order to succeed in direct sales you have to be dedicated and committed and work your ass off in order to achieve your dreams and bHIP Global is no different.