Ipas2 Creator Chris Jones Leaves Empower Network

Ipas2 Creator Chris Jones Leaves Empower Network


chris jones leaves empower Network


In A Facebook Post today, Ipas2 Creator Chris Jones has confirmed that he is no longer a part of  Empower Network



Chris Jones, architect of the Internet Prospect Acceleration System (Ipas2) which was merged into Empower Network last year has today confirmed on his Facebook Page that he is no longer a part of Empower Network



In his post, he writes 



‘HEY FACEBOOK FAMILY, In leu of the amount of personal messages I have been receiving lately, I thought I would address everyone at once…


A lot of people are asking why I have been so absent from social media regarding my business projects and what I am up to. As many of you know, I enjoy posting updates and sharing my business developments with you, even the occasional “whoops” that happen along the way.


For the last year and a half I have been working on a project that has required a large amount of my time and resources. Part of this time was spent building new relationships, exiting businesses I owned, and negotiating possible partnerships.


To let everyone know where I am at and prepare for future acquisitions… I am NOT currently partnered with any public or private company or associated with any online business opportunity. I am working independently with a team assembled specifically for this project, not associated or connected to any outside network or organization.


Over the next several months, I will be releasing information about the company, products and opportunities that will be created when we go to market. I am excited to let you see inside what it takes to start a company of this complexity from scratch, take a seemingly impossible idea and engineer it from the ground up, raise capital, create partnerships, build a distribution platform, and innovate technologies that don’t currently exist. (typing this gives me slight anxiety. ;-))


Together, with a team of professionals dedicated to bringing this vision to life, we are about to embark on a journey that will forever change how we discover, interact and engage with the world around us.


I’m looking forward to sharing more frequent, fun content with you as things develop’



Is the news that surprising?



Not Really.



Anybody who saw the slightly awkward relationship between Dave and Chris  could see that this relationship was never going have the same juice as between Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe



Is this going to affect Empower Network going forward?






The systems in place by Chris will remain and in the meantime the company is moving forward with an intensity that has not been seen since launch day , with over 2000 people  set to turn up to the next event in Nashville



Whatever happens, we wish Chris well in  whatever his future may be and thank him for helping to make Empower Network the kick ass company it has become