Increase Your Blog Readers Using Social Media – How To Increase Visibility With Facebook

increase your blog readers social media

Increase Your Blog Readers Using Social Media – How To Increase Visibility With Facebook



 This article is an amended version of a guide originally written by Neil Patel & Aaron Agius and explains how you can increase your blog readers using social media. This particular section focuses on how to  increase visibility with Facebook



Facebook is the largest social network. There are over 1 billion monthly active users on Facebook. If you want to build your blog readership you want to go where the people are and people are definitely using Facebook.


In this section, I’ll go through the steps toward building a Facebook blog page and the steps you can take to build a community of followers or Facebook users that like your page.


As you build the community, you’ll be able to market your blog posts to the community to generate traffic that can turn those followers into customers and repeat customers.


Step 1 create a personal blog page on Facebook


To set up your Facebook  page click here


Click the Create a Page button at the top. Facebook will take you through the steps of adding a logo, a cover photo and description information for your blog.


Step 2 Reach Out To Contacts On Other Channels


The first step to building your Facebook community is to reach out to everyone you know. Chances are they are probably using Facebook. Use this script when you email, call or talk to them in person:



I just launched a Facebook blog page and it would mean a lot to me if you helped us grow by liking us on Facebook. I’ll be sharing lots of cool content there including some things I think you’ll find useful.


Sign your name and thank the person again for their effort. You can make the message more personal depending on the relationship you have with the person, but this script gets to the point and is easy to repeat. Most people are willing to help out a friend and you’re piquing on their interest by suggesting that you’ll be sharing useful content on the page.


 Step 3 Like Other Brands & Comment On Their Updates


Look for brands that complement yours by searching on Facebook. You probably have a good idea of who these brands are already so you can look directly for them. Otherwise, search for terms relating to your industry and use hashtag searches to find relevant brands.


You’re looking for complementary brands. These are companies that don’t directly compete with yours, but that have the same target community member.


Let’s say you sell shoes. You could look for brands that sell Jewelry or clothing.


The next step is to like these brand pages. Leave comments on the pages as your business page. Some businesses leave comments, but unless those comments are valuable and insightful you’re setting your brand up for failure. General comments that are irrelevant and bland are seen as spam and will do more harm than good.

To leave comments as your brand page you’ll have to switch to use Facebook as your blog page.


The best way to do this is to reply to comments and questions that people have on the brand’s page.


You don’t want to impose on the brand’s page. However, if you feel you can contribute to the conversation with insightful answer it will be of benefit to the brand and to their followers if you share your knowledge.


This strategy will expose your brand to the exact type of people that fit your target community member profile. If you’re helpful and interesting you’ll become interesting to these people and they’ll want to click through to your Facebook page and follow you especially if you’re sharing all your interesting blog posts on your new Facebook page.


Step 4 Use Facebook Ads To Get Followers


Facebook ads provide an extremely targeted way to build the number of likes you have for your business page. You can target the exact type of person you want to follow your page by narrowing the audience by age, interests, location and more.


With Facebook ads, you get a basic title or main heading and a short description along with an image.


The best way I have found to create Facebook ads to build followers is to ask a question with the title and offer something enticing with the description



Are you doing SEO wrong?

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When you target the right people with that ad you’ll get tons of clicks and tons of new followers.


Step 5 Boost Your Facebook Blog Posts


Facebook give the option to boost your blog posts to an audience of people that you can define. This is generally a cheaper option than the traditional pay per click option of an ad but still has the of increasing your visibility on Facebook.  I have found that targeting 3-5 interests or groups reduces the costs of boosting your post significantly and will result in more clicks on your blog and likes on your page


Step 6 Partnerships

Do you work with other brands or individuals in your industry?


You can create joint venture or co-branded content on Facebook that features helpful advice, insight or tips.


For individuals, this means finding another person in your industry (ideally with a good following). It might be two SEO experts creating a list of 6 tips (3 each) for Facebook search optimization.


For brands, find complementary brands that share your target audience. An example would be a footwear company partnering with an apparel company to create a trend update for the upcoming season.


You could post an FAQ update on your Facebook page and provide the content with a partner. Post the update on your page and have them post it on their page.


If you’re new you could even offer to create all the content and simply ask them to share it on their page as a joint effort. The trade-off is that you get exposure to their audience, which is already established.

 Step 7  Create Unique Facebook Updates Complete With Hashtags



Facebook added hashtags after the functionality was relevant on other sites like Twitter.


But hashtags on Facebook quickly caught on with users and people do click on them to discover new content from new sources.


The goal of blog marketing with Facebook is to share your blog posts on Facebook and get traffic back to your blog. You’ll want to use hashtags with the posts you share, but initially you’ll want to create unique posts for Facebook that also include hashtags.


To do this, create as many bits of useful information as you can that relate to your company and industry. During the peak hours of the day, go to this list of updates and share them on Facebook ever hour.


Add the most popular and relevant hashtags to the updates.


What you’re doing is creating unique, useful content that people will discover when they click on the hashtag from other updates.


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