How To Use The New Buffer And Pinterest Integration To Explode Your Twitter Engagement

Pin Now Tweet Later! How To Use The New Buffer Pinterest Integration To Explode Your Twitter Engagement




Buffer have just announced that they are now officially partnering with Pinterest to make it even easier to pin.


In this article I will show you how to use this facility to share your posts on social media and in particular make your Twitter posts more visually appealing and increase your Twitter engagement




Why Images Are Important For Twitter Engagement




According to research from Twitter, adding an image to your Tweet will result in  a 35% boost in Retweets







How To Share Your Blog Posts Across Multiple Twitter Accounts From Pinterest In Less Than 10 Seconds




Here is how I share my blog post across multiple Twitter accounts using the new Pinterest Integration via Buffer in around 10 seconds from start to finish





First Of all ensure you have downloaded the Pinterest Chrome Extension and the Buffer Chrome Extension to your computer and that Chrome is your browser

I Now Pin the image from my Blog. This can be done quickly and easily using the Pinterest Chrome extension



buffer and pinterest



I am now taken to my Pinterest account I then go to the image next to my boards, as if I am going to pin to another board but next to the image there is now a link to My Buffer



buffer and pinterest





Clicking on the Buffer icon now puts the pin, together with the URL of the blog post  across  my Buffer linked Twitter Accounts (and any other social media platforms) as I wish. If I only want to send out to certain social media outlets then I use the groups which I have set up previously based on types of niches, audience etc





buffer pinterest




 Why You Should Pin Now And Tweet Later




Before  Buffer launched the new Pinterest Integration, adding images to Twitter was a long winded task which involved uploading the relevant image to each individual tweet




Now, by setting up the Pin first, the blog post can be immediately shared to multiple Twitter accounts with the image immediately attached to each post, saving huge amounts of time and creating a number of Tweets which are more visually appealing and crucially more likely to be clicked on, favorited and retweeted




Happy Pinning!



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  1. Long before the Pinterest addition came along you’ve been able to upload images to Buffer with ease. If you have the Buffer extension installed, simply right-click any image and select ‘Buffer This Image’. No need for the additional steps shown here. It’s quick and easy. 🙂

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