How To Track Your Pins With This Awesome Pinterest Marketing Tool

How To Track Your Pins With This Awesome Pinterest Marketing Tool



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We know that Pinterest is a great way to get traffic but how can you accurately track your pins? You can now track them with this awesome Pinterest marketing tool – The Traffic Optimiser by Traffic Authority



With Pinterest marketing as with everything the 80/20 rule will apply. 20% of your pins will give you 80% of your leads and sales but how do you know which are your best performing pins?


Yes you can use Pinterest analytics but this does not give the whole picture; the Pinterest analytics shows only the top performing pins and it can be difficult to obtain details of all of your pins.


Plus the stats on analytics only cover clicks in your account and as we know the whole point of Pinterest is the fact that content is so readily shared so we need to know how many clicks we are getting on our pins after it has been shared 


Introducing the Traffic Optimiser by Traffic Authority 


Traffic Authority is all about getting you traffic for your business and the basic tool at its heart is the traffic optimiser .


The Traffic Optimiser allows you to track every link that you send out and find out how many clicks you are receiving for each and every link, allowing you to work out what is working and what is not so that you can focus your energy and attention on what is working and change and adapt those strategies that are not getting you results 


Check out this video to see how I use Traffic Optimiser to track my pins on Pinterest 




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The cost of Traffic Optimiser is only $27 per month; this is an introductory price as we are at time of writing in the first week of our launch.


I am also offering, for a very limited time only, a special bonus for anyone that signs up for Traffic Optimiser under me 


I have been using Traffic Optimiser to track my results with make money Facebook groups.


As a result of hundreds of hours of testing I have found the top 100 most responsive Make Money Facebook groups based on using Traffic Optimiser to test results in posting to Facebook groups and I will give these to you when you sign up to Traffic Optimiser; just email me when you get started (just click on your sponsor) and I will send you the list 


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