How To Switch On And Keep Your Personal Power

How To Switch On And Keep Your Personal Power


keep your personal power


You don’t need to plug into a new company or training plan to achieve success; what you need is to plug into your own personal power. Here is how to switch on and keep your personal power




Have you ever noticed those individuals for whom things just seem to work out right , for whom success, wealth and popularity just seems to, well, happen?



Are you working hard at something but for some reason you are just not getting the results that you want?



Instead of looking outside for the key to success, you may do better to look inside of yourself as it is there that your true power resides


You do not have to create your power, you just need to harness what is already there



When the first street lights were switched on in Los Angeles in 1876 electricity was not created; they simply discovered what already existed and found a way to harness that energy


keep your personal power


There exists within you a much more superior form of electricity in which resides a power which outshines the brightest street lights. It only requires you to find it and harness that power. Here are some ways to switch on and keep your personal power



Don’t let your past dictate your future



It is all too easy to allow old ways and patterns to stop your from growing into your better self. 



This is not to say that you ignore the past as often the past can explain many of the barriers to your progress. Being bullied at school, upbringing from toxic parents or any number of misfortunate effects can all affect our current behaviour.



The trick is to understand these events and move on from them rather than allowing them to continue to be a drag on your progression



Here are 7 ways to ensure that your past does does not dictate your future



Reprogram your mind


Don’t assume that you know what you want. You need to reprogram your mind and let yourself know how you want your life to be.



One incredibly effective way to reprogram your mind is through the use of affirmations



Here are more ways to reprogram your mind 


Discover the power of attraction



Like goes to like coarse to coarse and fine to fine. The power of attraction allows you to connect to your higher power by putting yourself on the same frequency of how you want to be 




 There are a number of exercises that you can do which will allow you to attract to yourself what you want so that you are in tune like the tuning fork above



Here are 10 Powerful Law Of Attraction Exercises 



Take Time To Personally Develop



Spend time on yourself for personal development 



Spend at least 30 minutes a day reading book, listening to audio or watching video devoted to personal development, spend 30 minutes a day writing and do some meditation. 



I suggest the following resources 



Think And Grow Rich – Napolean Hill


Prosperity Consciousness – Fredric Lehrman


The Complete Master Key System – Charles Haanel


The Shift – Wayne Dyer


 OmVana Meditation