How to sell better online and offline #7 ask for the sale!

It’s crazy but this is one of the big mistakes that sales people make both off and online which is simply not to ask for the sale

As a financial advisor it was all too common to see people making this mistake with the advisor having gone through an hour in a meeting explaining the reason for financial planning, detailing the benefits of the particular investment, insurance product or whatever and then at the end of the meeting let the client go home promising to think about it which 9 times out of 10 means that they will never be seen again

In almost all cases, provided they had not completely messed up the presentation all they had to say was ‘ great, so are you ready to get signed up then?’  If they are feeling particularly ballsy they could use the even more effective ‘great well let’s get you signed up then’

You see, if a prospect is in your office or on your landing page the likelihood is that they are there because they WANT to buy from you otherwise why would they turn up? The only thing to stop this, assuming the offer is marketed well is that you don’t ask for the sale

How does this show up online – how about a site that is packed full of value but does not include a place to sign up, register interest or buy?

More subtly having calls to action which are unclear, misleading or unappealing can also affect sales

Submit here – no one likes to submit (unless they have a thing for PVC and tight fitting latex suits) try  language which has direct actions such as register here, sign up or join here

If you want to sell, ask for the sale. Online, make sure there is a clear and obvious call to action point with a unambiguous entry system.

Avoid terms such as ‘click here for next steps’ – this is unclear. Well what is next?! Uncertainty causes fear, fear leads to anger which as we all know leads to the dark side and nobody wants to go there – try ‘sign up here to receive information on how to improve your conversation rates’ 

If you have a great offer that you yourself buy into, if you are promoting that offer to the right market (those who are more likely to be interested on it) you have built rapport with your customers and have sold the promise of your offer rather than banging them over the head with the nuts and bolts of the thing itself then  providing you ASK for the sale in the right way then you will improve your sales online or offline considerably