How To Increase The Conversion Rate On Your Sales Page Or Website


How To Increase The Conversion Rate On Your Sales Page Or Website


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In this article I will show you how you can increase the conversion rate on either your sales page or website by using the Traffic Optimiser by Traffic Authority



Traffic Authority is now live and unlike many other Marketing companies, the actual products are actual useful rather than just hot air and hype and this applies as much to the basic product, The Traffic Optimizer, as much as the Traffic Packages



Here then is a summary of how The Traffic Optimizer can help you to increase your conversions on your landing page, sales pages or websites


Find the best place to promote your links using the Link Tracker




The Link Tracking facility allows you to accurately track the number of clicks that your link receives from different places



Examples of how this can be useful include Facebook Groups. If you post details of your business to Facebook Groups then typically 80% of your results will come from only 20% of those groups (or less)



Knowing which groups are the most effective allows you to cut back on 80-90% of your posting with hardly any loss in effectiveness.



In this post I show you how to use the link tracker facility in Facebook groups



You can also use the link tracker to track your pins in Pinterest.  Although Pinterest analytics gives you some information about your pins, you cannot find out how shared pins (a key feature with Pinterest) have performed



In this post I show how to track your pins using the Link Tracker


Basically the link tracker will work anywhere where you can share your links to your landing pages, sales page or website and will allow you to find out exactly where you should be placing your links



Split test your sales pages to find which are the most effective using the Redirector




Once you have found the best places to post your links it is now time to discover  the best sales pages to post using the redirector facility



It is essential that you split test your sales pages to optimize their effectiveness or if you are promoting an affiliate sales page then assuming they offer multiple sales funnels, find out which version is the most effective



The redirector allows you to send out one link and then automatically have clicks redirected to a number of different sales pages so that you can test the results and discover which is more effective



In this video I show you how to use the redirector facility



Get a second chance to convert using the Pop Up facility



With the pop up creator you can easily and simply create a pop up when somebody attempts to leave your site or at a pre-decided time after they have click on your link



You can use the pop up to show them a video to explain your offer in more detail, showcase a different product or to get them to opt in



Create a sense of urgency with a timer



Nothing helps conversions more than a sense of urgency and the idea of scarcity which is provided by a count down timer. A countdown timer can be easily added to your sales page with this facility



Monitor your site



You’re not going to make any sales if your link is down. The site monitor facility will you know if your site stops working for any reason



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