How To Get More Sales And Leads Even When Your Customer Is Nowhere Near Their Computer

How To Get More Sales And Leads Even When Your Customer Is Nowhere Near Their Computer



how to get more sales leads



So you want to get more opt-ins leads and sales? What if you could get more sales and leads even when your customer is nowhere near their computer?


In this article, I’m going to reveal an amazing innovation for anyone in lead generation from my friends at LeadPages



At LeadPages, they’re always striving to give you the easiest and most effective way to drive sales and to add to people to your email list. But their customers kept coming to them and asking  how they could get people to opt into their list when they are not in front  of their computers.



For example podcasters were asking


“How do we get people listening to our podcast on the go to join our audience mailing list?”


how to get more sales leads



Youtube channel owners were asking


“How do I get people to quickly join my audience while watching my videos on their smartphones?”


how to get more sales leads




Store owners ask things like


“How do we get people who’d rather go to a coffee shop and not be in front of their computer to join our store’s newsletter?”



how to get more sales leads



They didn’t quite have the solution covered. So behind the scenes their team of engineers developed what is now their single most anticipated lead product in 2015. It’s called LeadDigits






Let me show you what LeadDigits can do



LeadDigits lets you ask anyone to join your email list or sign up for your webinar just by texting a specific word to your LeadDigit. So now you can use signage, audio, video, or even conversations to capture contact information for interested prospects.



For example, if a podcaster  wanted to have a people opt in to get the show notes for an episode of their podcast, he could say



“To get the show notes emailed to you, text PODCAST to 33444.”



When they do that, they will reply with an email address which will be automatically added to his email list. Then, he can send them that information.



Here is another example if you are a realtor



You could display a sign that says


“Text the street number 221ELM and to 3344 for property disclosure information.”



how to get more sales leads





Or, if you happen to be speaking on stage, you could announce that texting SLIDES to 33444 will get them the slides you’re using for your presentation.




how to get more sales leads




The applications are endless – stores, events, gyms, restaurants, billboards, podcasts, meetings, real estate and more!



how to get more sales leads



Not only are LeadDigits effective in any situation, LeadDigits are super easy to set up. You can set up and customize a LeadDigit in under 45 seconds. 



how to get more sales leads


Simply choose your country and LeadDigit number and they have short codes (and long codes available), select the keyword the people will text in, customize your message they’ll see when they text the keyword, then select where to send the lead notification.



If you’d like to add someone to an email list, select which email service provider you’d like to use and which list you’d like to add people to, and finally if you’d like to register someone for a webinar, select which webinar will be registered for. Now save, and your LeadDigit is set up and people can start texting it!