How To Generate More Sales And Leads By Using A Countdown Timer

How To Generate More Sales And Leads By Using A Countdown Timer


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If you want to increase your conversions and generate a heck load more sales and leads then you should be using a countdown timer in your marketing. Here are some of the reasons why and how to use them



There’s a few reasons why I like countdown timers. The first reason is that they add movement to the page.



Anytime there’s something moving on the page, you tend to attract longer viewership of the page. The human brain is attracted to movement and so when something is moving, chances are, all things being equal, people are going to stay on the same page longer.



This is important as there’s a correlation between the length of time that someone stays on the page and the likelihood that they’re to opt-in and ultimately buy from you

The second thing that countdown timers do is they create a sense of urgency. So if you’re doing a webinar, you might tell someone that webinar is happening on like June 15th, right?


But the human brain doesn’t really process dates readily. But if you can show someone that the webinar is happening in six days, 5 hours, 31 minutes and 12 seconds, that makes the date ofthe webinar really real.



The next thing that the countdown timers does is again it creates urgency. I often like to say that if I owned a bar I’d probably have a countdown timer facing the street counting down to when the bar opens in the morning



Once the bar opened I would have that countdown timer counting down again, this countdown timer facing the street and have it counting down and tell when happy hour starts.



Once happy hour starts, I’d have that countdown timer counting down and tell when it’s the last call for the happy hour, and it would countdown the last call, and then the countdown timer would countdown and tell when the bar opens again.



Imagine how many more drinks you would sell!



On most landing pages, if you do nothing else but add a countdown timer you can add a good relative 10 to 15% increase to your conversion rate.



To check out where I create simple countdown timers for my landing pages go here