How To Find A Great Facebook Landing Page Template

How To Find A Great Facebook Landing Page Template





There are 3 reasons why you should place landing pages in Facebook




1 You can get often a higher opt in rate in Facebook simply because the traffic you receive will not be as cold as regular traffic as people in Facebook feel more comfortable within Facebook




2 If you are buying Facebook Ads, the ads are cheaper if the Ad is located within your own Facebook page as Facebook prefer traffic to remain within Facebook




3 Facebook are much more likely to approve an Ad when the Ad link  points to the URL points to a Facebook URL – this is particularly useful for niches such as health, diet, fitness or network marketing which Facebook are normally wary of





So How Do I Post A Landing page To Facebook?





My prefered provider is Leadpages, simply because they make creating a Landing Page within Facebook super easy. Check out this video to see how it is done.




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