How To Consistently Create Amazingly Good Blog Title Ideas

How To Consistently Create Amazingly Good Blog Title Ideas




We all know that finding a great blog title is half the battle right? I wanted to share a fantastic free resource that won’t just allow you to come up with good blog title ideas – it will make your readers love you!



good blog title ideas


Effective marketing comes from the emotional value that your message has on your reader



A great blog title will elicit an emotional response from the reader which will make them want to open up and read your content and ultimately, buy from you 



Previously, it was difficult to actually measure the effectiveness of my blog post titles in achieving this. This was before I came across The Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer



The Headline analyzer measures the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) of your headline. They have developed a software program which has access to EMV impact words. The program uses special alogorithms to quickly compare the words of your headline with the words from the EMV Impact list



The headline analyzer works on the basis that there are these basic underlying harmonics, a tonality that flows through language. 



Communication is the key of effective marketing. And the key to communication is being able to reach your readers at an emotional level. Involving them in your copy, and invoking their deeper thoughts.



While many marketers ‘guess’ how people will react to various words and offers, they have determined a test which will give you an actual rating that you can use to judge how well received your copy will be to others.


good blog title ideas


So for example, if I were to choose the title ‘How To Find Good Blog Title Ideas’ then I would obtain a score of 28.57% whereas ‘How To Consistently Create Amazingly Good Blog Title Ideas’ has a much better score of 55.56% – the ideal score for good copy being somewhere between 50-60%



Try it for yourself and see how it improves your posts