How Does The 99 Designs Contest Work?


99 Designs Contest


How Does the 99 Designs Contest Work?



So you need a new websign design or maybe a logo but where are you gonna get one? Why not try to ru n a 99 designs contest – let’s find out how!



99 designs advertizes itself as the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design.  Whether you need a new logo, a website design, a business card or a T-shirt design, you can get one as per your requirements by running 99 design design contests. This way, it is possible to get dozes of designs for a project through a 99 designs contest, than just one.



 The 99 logo design store is, for instance, very popular and there are several hundred logo designers competing to offer the best 99 logo designs. Anyway, here’s how a 99 design contest works.



99 designs basically crowdsources your order for a design to scores of young designers all over the world. 99 designs allows you to host multiple 99 design design contests, where a veritable crowd of graphic designers all across the world compete with each other to give you the absolutely perfect design that you crave for – or you get your money back, because 99 design design contests have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.



All you need to mention is a brief description of what you need and how much you are willing to pay for what you want. The designers will read your specifications and the designs will come rushing in all week long, and you will be able to continuously offer your feedback to the various designers. You can suggest improvements, so that the designers make the right kind of changes to their designs, such as, say, 99 logo designs, as per your requirements.



Winner Takes All



99 design design contests are winner takes all competitions. There will be two rounds – in the first round, which runs for 4 days, anybody can send you their designs. There will be many outstanding designs, and also many that are just horrible or not good enough.



You then select the 6 best designers of the lot and eliminate the rest. The 6 designers selected by you will move on to the second round, where you offer more feedback and specifications. Eventually, at the end of the 7-day period, you decide upon the winning design.



Another thing you should know is, there are 3 levels of prizes in 99 designs contests that help to distinguish you from the other 99 design design contests. They are – Bronze £199, Silver £339 and Gold £539, or any amount that you explicitly choose as your prize.



My advice is to choose a sum that is 10% higher than Silver as that would make your 99 design design contests stand out in the crowd and will have a majority of designers fighting for your prize money.



Offer A Guarantee



Another option is to offer guaranteed prize money. Which means you will have made a guarantee to offer the prize money to someone at the end of the 99 designs contest. This will have a lot more designers competing for your 99 design design contests. However, there is the risk that you may not like any of the designs, and yet having to part with the prize money.



So you have the choice of running a regular 99 designs contest or a one with guaranteed prize money.  Another big advantage of a 99 designs contest is that you can ask for an unlimited number of revisions.



So you can choose one winner at the end of the 99 designs contest, the prize money will be given to him or her and you will gain access to the design files. The advantage 99 Designs has over crowdsourced marketplaces for graphic designers is that there are over 100,000 active designers here, from all over the world, competing for your prize money. So you certainly will have a lot of choices to make.