How Can I Earn Money From A Traffic Exchange?

How Can I Earn Money From A Traffic Exchange?



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Traffic Exchanges Are A Way To Get Traffic To Your Product, Service Or Website But Is It Possible To Earn Money From A Traffic Exchange?





With most Traffic Exchanges the money way to make money is basically do this with your computer for about 20 hours a day!
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There is, thankfully a much easier way to earn money from a Traffic Exchange with My Advertising Pays



How It Works



Buy advertising packs for $49.99 dollars each


Receive 500 impressions for advertising your business, offer or an affiliate promotion on the exchange


Click on 10 ads a day


Your $49.99 will then entitle you to profit share, paid to you 72 times per day which will eventually see your $49.99 turn into $60


Take the profit share and use it to reinvest into new credit packs


When you hit the maximum number of packs (1200) you can now simply take out the profit share as a monthly income which will be around $8,500 -$9,000 every month


All for just clicking 10 ads a day!
My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

You can do this for just one credit pack of $49.99 although progress will be slow. Obviously the more packs you start with the faster you will progress. To see how long it takes to get to 1200 packs using a calculator go here 



To get started go here