How Baby Boomers Can Learn To Blog Their Way To A Happy Retirement

baby boomers learn to blog

When I was about 10 years old I used to visit an elderly Uncle of mine who had been in the war. He would regale me with stories about his times in France, Italy and Malta. He had been wounded and taken prisoner and I still remember him telling me about how the Germans found a Wheelbarrow and poured him into it so that they could carry him to the nearest hospital


Another huge influence in my life is my Grandfather who is still alive and turns 91 soon (hello Grandad!) He told me all about his time in the war (another Second World War veteran but this time in the Royal Air Force) and his time in the police force and every time I would be entranced


The point is that older people love to tell their stories and love imparting what they have learnt from their time on the planet. It is the age at which people naturally think about writing their memoirs and putting down their thoughts and feelings about the most important points in their life


At the same time Baby Boomers are the first generation to say ‘I Have No Retirement Savings!’ Previous generations were covered by generous company pensions that paid out guaranteed income. Boomers are the first generation to really find that they have no retirement money or certainly not enough to last into old age so need to create for themselves an additional income


So it seems pretty obvious that the perfect solution is for Baby Boomers to learn how to blog their way to a happy retirement.


It is easy for Baby Boomers to learn how to blog – blogging is simply a way of writing about your thoughts and feelings about any subject that you happen to feel passionate about – something that Baby Boomers love to do anyway.


Well what about if you could write about your life experiences, rant about what you don’t agree with and simply tell your story and get paid for doing it – what if you could learn to blog for money?


Watch below to find out how