Happy Birthday Empower Network

Empower Network Celebrated Its 3 Year Anniversary This Weekend as Dave Wood, The Creator Of The Online Network  Marketing Company, Cut The Cake And Blew Out The Candles Whilst Wearing His Decorated Mask (Don’t Ask!)



If 1 Dog year equals 7 human years then 1 year for an Online Marketing Company must equal at least 70 human years which makes Empower Network one of the Elder Stateman Of The Network Marketing World


There were many who said that the organisation would never make it past their first 6 months never mind still going strong after 3 years but the energy and joy demonstrated during the conference shows that Empower will be going for many more years to come.


One of the many highlights of the Conference was the unveiling of the new blogging platform. The very essence of Empower came originally from the idea that any individual, no matter what their experience of the Internet in general or Network Marketing in particular, could make money from simply writing about what they are passionate about or what has simply happened during their day – an activity known as ‘blogging’ when done online. The founder of The Empower Network, Dave Wood, discovered the power of blogging when, literally from the back of his van, he discovered how to make tens of thousands of pounds from blogging on his computer


The new blog system, based on the latest version of WordPress, promises to make the process of blogging as simple as possible whilst ensuring that blog posts are ranked as high as possible on Google, ensuring maximum exposure and greater profit for each Empower Affiliate


If you like the idea of earning money by blogging and you would like to join a company that is an established  business rather than the latest shiny new opportunity that will disappear before it has lasted a year then click on the links above, below or to the side of this post