FusionCash Reviews – Are the Complaints Justified?

fusioncash reviews complaints

FusionCash Reviews – Are the Complaints Justified?


In this FusionCash review, I am going to discuss the recent FusionCash reviews complaints and whether the service is legit or not. Just as any other online paid survey site, there is a lot of talk online about a FusionCash scam. I’m going to investigate if this is really true and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the site.


The goal of this FusionCash review is to be completely objective, and to provide you with the up to date information you need to help you make a better decision about whether you’d like to sign up for FusionCash or not.


Who are FusionCash?


FusionCash is an online paid survey site which pays you for taking a survey from them. It is only open to participants from the US and Canada, so if you’re from Europe or Asia, you are automatically disqualified from joining FusionCash.


Also, you must be 18 years of age, at least, unless you’re a citizen of the United States, in which case you’re allowed to be 13 years old, provided you’ve parental permission to take part in the FusionCash paid surveys. The big advantage is that you stand to get $5 immediately after joining FusionCash as a member, as a sign up bonus.

How Does FusionCash work?


The best way to make money on FusionCash is by taking the offers sent by the various companies that FusionCash shares your contact information with. However, completing the paid surveys is still very important and you’re likely to be sent 1 to 3 surveys to be completed each day, with the expectation that you’d be as honest as possible.


The minimum payout on FusionCash is $25, which is about what you get for paid online survey companies. The best part is that the payments can be made through a variety of options – by check, PayPal or direct account transfer, depending on your choice. And there are no processing fees – which is a real bonus, and a major advantage over other paid survey sites. The payouts are made on the 20th of each month and it might take 1 to 5 more days before you get the money in your account.


While you don’t need any special qualification to take the surveys on FusionCash, some surveys may not be meant for you. But there will be enough work on FusionCash for you if you look for it.


What about all the talk of a FusionCash com scam?


I hear a lot of questions about that and there are quite a few FusionCash reviews  with complaints. So, is FusionCash net legit? I certainly believe so. The major issue could be that people don’t read the terms and conditions before signing up for options, and when they don’t like an offer, they fail to cancel within the time limit for it. So they end up owing more than they stand to get from it, which, of course, leads to online complaints of a FusionCash net scam. This is par for the course for most paid survey sites.


Advantages of FusionCash


# Is FusionCash net legit? Yes, I have no doubt about that.

# There are several ways using which you can make money at FusionCash

# There are no processing fees.

# You are guaranteed to be sent 1 to 3 surveys, at least, a day.

Disadvantages of FusionCash


# There are better options than FusionCash out there, that have a lower cash payout – such as CashCrate.

# Remuneration on certain survey sites may be higher than FusionCash.


What is my verdict on FusionCash?


FusionCash is one of the better paid survey sites out there, and we certainly like it as an option. But do remember, there are no short cuts to making money on any paid survey site, including FusionCash, so be prepared to be patient and keep your expectations reasonable, otherwise, you’re likely to be disappointed. If you need an extra $300-400 in your account each month, and will be satisfied with just that from an hour’s worth of part-time work each day, then you’re likely to appreciate FusionCash much more. But please don’t expect any miracles!


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