FriendLife – A Relatively Undiscovered Diamond In The Rough Of Social Media

FriendLife. A relatively undiscovered diamond in the rough of social media or a deadbeat site full of dodgy guys and girls? 



Friendlife Social Media



My answer….both. Let me explain.



I am not a social media Junkie. In fact my regular social media reach has extended to Facebook and not much further.



I have dabbled in Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and Snapchat, but they never really captured me. They seemed always to be lacking a little something. I didn’t know what it was until I chanced across the FriendLife App whilst looking for something else.



That was a month ago and it has since become my go to social media site. Why? Because it is full of what we all crave – human contact and appreciation.



It is so well done, so clever that it make all the other platforms feel clinical and distant. It’s interface is ridiculously user friendly and beautiful.



It is a combination of all the best bits of everything else. You can post pictures, video, text, message and livestream to a hungry and eager audience.



If you are lucky enough to be awarded celebrity status you can actually be paid money for live streaming. I am $5 richer than I was before I discovered it! ( This could be a lot more if you chose to focus on it!!)




There are some great people on the site. Unfortunately there are also a lot of people who are not there for the right reasons. Let me explain….



Friendlife Social Media


I have discovered that there are a lot of lonely men in the world. Most of them have found Friendlife.



Until I disabled my messaging facility I had 245 messages all saying “hi”. They are not overtly sexual and keep a fairly low profile, but I know that they are there and it can be a bit unsettling.




There are also a fair number of women who are getting paid the tiniest amount for livestream but must really need the cash, as many of them sit on camera hour after hour just teasing desperate guys and frankly looking a bit bored.




Not talking – just sitting!! A bit like a sexy webcam but with their clothes on!




But as the month has progressed I have persevered with my live streams which are basically,(like many others on the site), very different and are “chats” about life, death and the universe….and I love doing them!!




I have regular followers, people who pop up over and over again, people who interact and who have something interesting to contribute. I am always aware that someone on that stream might just need a kind word or a positive thought, so I do my best to provide that mindset.



It feels a bit like being in a bar with friends without actually having to leave the house!




The streams are not, as far as I can tell, recorded, which is a shame, as it would be nice to access afterward. The live nature of it does keep things fresh and exciting though.



So if you are thinking of joining FriendLife, go for it but please bear in mind the following.




You will get a lot of likes from guys ,if you are a girl,on the hunt, from around the world. I have almost four and a half thousand in only a few weeks.




You may chance across pictures of the afore mentioned men’s privates. (If you do, block and report for nudity . I assume they get kicked out of the site.).



N.B. Please do this even if you are a guy as there are kids on the site!…(by the way many of the posted pictures are embarrassingly small….guys please stop posting these teeny todgers!)



You may also encounter bad language. This is due to the all inclusive nature of the site and the fact it is so “realtime”. Accept it. It’s part of the deal.



You may chance across minors on the site. Personally I think there should be a minimum age, but this is hard to enforce. I am always on the lookout and feel I have a duty of care to report anything untoward where minors are are concerned.



I would say that if you are a parent checking this article to make a judgement call for your kids , do not allow them in there unsupervised. Kids could very easily be groomed in the livestream and chats!



Do livestream- it’s fun fun fun. I find it a much more welcoming environment than periscope. I am teaching one of the guys on one of my streams to sing via Skype now. 



I do not actually know a single person on FriendLife in my real life….this is wonderful. Unlike FB there is no consideration as to who will see what and what will the consequences be. Massively freeing!




It gives you the option to invite your FB friends but I decided “not yet ” and I am glad I didn’t. It feels a bit like being on holiday, where everyone is a stranger, but everyone is a potential friend too!



There are probably scammers on FL! I haven’t met one yet but a will be surprised if I don’t soon. Be careful!!



You will get paid if you livestream as a celebrity. It isn’t much but it is great for your self esteem! Straight into your PayPal account. If you are doing it for this reason- forget it- you would make more money looking down the back of the sofa for loose change!



It is addictive! It is so interactive that it can end up as a bit of a second life. I try to include my other half where possible in any livestreams to keep any creeps at bay and to try to include my him conversation so he doesn’t feel alienated.



Last but not least- give it a go. I promise you will never look back.



Happy interacting chaps and chapesses!



To connect with me on FriendsLife go here