Empower Network Conference Review – January 23rd-25th The Westin, Lake Las Vegas

Empower Network Conference

Empower Network Conference Review – January 23rd-25th 2015 The Westin, Lake Las Vegas




empower network conference




There are a few things that I have finally learnt about how to achieve success



First of all, before you can change your life you need to first of all change yourself


For years I have struggled to attain success and yet it would always continue to allude me, like a vision briefly glimpsed from the corner of my eye that refused to come into full view


I recently realised that although I said that I wanted success, I was, in fact, unconsciously afraid of success and felt myself unworthy.


This had to do with many things, from the relationship with my parents (both seriously dysfunctional) my upbringing (poor with no obvious prospect of improvement) to so called friends who in fact fed on my insecurity and used it for their own advancement


Only through believing that I deserve to be better, by knowing that I can and will and must achieve excellence and by showing gratitude for what I have achieved so far – only through these ways can I move forward


empower network conference


So what has this to do with The Empower Network Conference?



Well this is not just a conference and certainly is not just a company event


It is a chance to meet truly inspiring people ready to link arms and achieve financial freedom together


empower network


From seeing Neil Patel co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics who I have followed closely on social media, on stage talking about how to improve our blogging to our CEO taking the time to meet with our team at 1am and speak with me personally about the areas I was struggling with I know that there is no other group of people that I could be with who will better inspire me in my journey



Here’s to Nashville in April!



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