How To Start A Blog And Make Money In Easy Steps With The Kalatu Blog Platform

How To Start A Blog And Make Money  In Easy Steps With The Kalatu Blog Platform




In this Article I Will Show You How To Start A Blog And Make Money Using One Of The Simplest And Most Responsive Blogging Platforms Available – The Kalatu Blog


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The benefits of blogging have been known about for many years. No other activity allows you to bring eyeballs to your page and, if done in the right way, income into your pocket.




See my article of how once you create your blog, easy ways to make money from blogging here

Easy Steps To Create A Blog


The number of Blogs and their effectiveness is key as easy new blog that you make is effectively like a new website page being placed online.



As long as you make the content on your site useful and interesting to your reader then you will engage their attention, involve and inform them and be in a position where they are going to want to buy into your products or services



There are, however problems with the traditional Blogging Software which is out there. WordPress  which is generally agreed to be the best blogging platform to use in order for people to find your content usually involves some form of knowledge of HTML code not to mention the need to obtain web hosting and a multitude of other IT skills that most people simply do not possess


It was to solve these problems that the Kalatu Blogging Platform was created. The Kalatu Blogging Platform allows you to start a blog in easy steps



Our new blogging platform has a variety of different themes that any business can use. We also created a theme editor that is simple and easy to use.



Gone are the days of breaking your site with bad code. Our new, easy-to-use system doesn’t need any code!



Gone are the days of trying to edit your site, having to make it live and then going to view it and continuing that cycle until you get it right. In our new system, you can view the edits as you make them, before they go live!



The system includes custom made plugins; these are sets of software that will add different features and abilities to your blog. Here’s a list of some of the top plugins found in our new blog.


  • Image Widget – You won’t have to deal with WordPress’ third-party profile site!

  • Popups – One of the best ways to advertise to your list

  • Google Analytics – We made setting up analytics easy!

  • Post Ads – Control all of your ads from ONE spot

  • The ability to post in multiple languages using our translation tool

For more information on this easy to create blog watch the Video below

The Blogging platform works for established businesses or you can use it to take part in our affiliate program; one of the most potentially lucrative available. For more information on our program go here

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